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  1. One more thought- Since the book club is aimed at 16-35 year olds, what is crime,horror,mystery and thriller in the present day context? Although I'll be perfectly content to recreate an old english pub(somehow that's the first thing that comes to my mind) to reflect the genres, the target audience required something more modern.Any suggestions?
  2. Sorry about the caps and punctuation. Hope this one's better.Thank you for your response and for editing my post. I can see what I meant and what you understood are two very different things. Let me clarify- 1.Theres no music in the place.What I meant was-what music is to HRC, books is to my place. It is centered around books and reading. 2.There will be a different place to read for people who want it "all QUIET"-its the reading lounge. However, considering this is a kind of interactive space that promotes discussion, there has to be discussion rooms for more serious discussion and a cafe or some refreshment area for just informal chit-chat. I want to make up for areas where a library might lack.I know so many people who avoid libraries simply because there are "TOO MANY BOOKS" and they find the silence oppressive. 3.I also thought about the food and books issue but I can't seem to find a way around it. But then my job is just the general idea of what kind of space I need to design(since I am an Interior Designer) rather than small details of the working so I decided not to ponder about this one too much and just design it.
  3. Thanks so much, that helps a lot... you guys have given me a lot to work with! And the variety in the timeline is also very very helpful!!! And since I love the genre, you've also contributed to my reading list!! Now, the next phase is to give a feel to the space. I plan to make it themed, obviously, but I dont want to do the cliched "mystery/horror = dark and mysterious rooms", it needs to be more welcoming and a hang out spot but definitely have a strong emphasis on the books. I mean, the place is for discussing and reading books. But not a library where its all QUIET! And since im trying to get people to read there, its going to have to be bright and well lit. Do you think incorporating the feel of a very traditional English pub or cafe would work? I was also thinking of using a shop-window for the cafe and retail area. Sort of like the Hard Rock Caf
  4. Sean King and Michelle Maxwell Ex-secret service agents in some of Baldacci's books I'm sure I like others but can't think of any right now
  5. Hi, I'm a design student and I proposed a sort of book club with a library,vdiscussion rooms and cafe. Basically a hang-out spot where people can connect over books. I needed to make it more genre-specific so I've chosen crime/thriller/suspense and horror fiction. The target audience is roughly 16-35. What authors and books would you recommend for a place like this? Apart from this, if you have any other relevant input, I'll really appreciate it. Thanks guys! Some authors I have in mind are Stephen King, Jeffrey Archer, John Grisham, Dan Brown, David Baldacci, Sidney Seldon etc etc etc..