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  1. I'm noting all your titles, because soon I'll go to London (where books are waaaaay cheaper than in France!) so I will buy what I'll find! I remember a French show (a FAKE show) where there was a famous TV celebrity, and she was encouraging random people to do a game: they had to answer questions, and if they were wrong they had the choice to continue and send an electric shock to a man they couldn't see (but he wasn't receiving the shocks, obviously), or to end the game with absolutely no problem, they would'nt be killed or something like that. And just because the girl was saying "it's alright, go on", they ended up sending lethal electric shocks (200 V or so), never thinking it was bad if the man wasn't screaming with suffering anymore. It's not really a "there will be only one left" story, but that asked the question: "Am I better than these persons, would I have quit the game?"
  2. I didn't know Hunger Games at all, thanks!
  3. I didn't really know how to write it, but "There will be only one left" books seemed accurate. So I'm talking about books that tell stories about a group of people who have to kill the others (directly or not), and to be more understandable I can give you two examples: Battle Royale by Koushun Kagami The Long Walk by Richard Bachman/Stephen King I'm currently reading The Long Walk, and it gives me some chills, I must admit (and I'm not talking about the terrible pain I feel in my feets thanks to it ). So I thought: "Why do I reeeally like books like that?". As one character of The Long Walk says: "It's just sick.". Do you think that readers like me like to read stories about suffering and stuff? And do you enjoy these books? (I must add that I've only read two books of this kind, I'm not a psychopath ! ) Of course, because it's the aim of these books, be careful about giving the end only in the Spoilers hide-out! [ And do you have other titles? ]
  4. I've found again Sepulchre by Kate Mosse, and realized that I had totally forgotten it. xD So I'm continuing this great book.
  5. Sheeta's Reading List | 2010

    I've added loooots of books, because I couldn't add them last summer. I really enjoyed Middlesex, as many of you on this forum, and bought (too many) books I will read with delight.
  6. Stephen King

    So I saw The Shining, and I'm in love with Jack Nicholson. I found Wendy a little too idiot, sometimes, but there are great scenes in this movie! It's different from the book, I agree, but still interesting and haunting. But I think it would have been better without the book in my mind... 1408 was better in the short story, in my opinion, since I've seen the movie just after reading it. But maybe it's a great movie, and it's like The Shining for the first character, a good actor! But Jack is the best.
  7. I've read a few pages of The Second Life of Bree Tanner by Stephenie Meyer. Next to come: Tunnels 4 (Closer) by Roderick Gordon & Brian Williams and Middlesex by Jeffrey Eugenides
  8. I did it once, because my mother refused to buy me a book. But when I'll be old enough to go outside alone with loads of money, I will never EVER go into a bookshop and leave it without 3 or 4 news friends in my bag!
  9. I'm also going to buy Middlesex by Jeffrey Eugenides, I hope I will find it in France, although I don't know if it's named like that here.
  10. Stephen King

    Okay, thanks, I'll watch the movie while trying to forget the book. It was the same for 1408, I was wondering why they did it like that.
  11. Stephen King

    I finished Shining, but I heard that the movie isn't as good as the book (it wouldn't be difficult though, what a fantastic read!), so should I see it now or will I think for two hours "oh my God that is terribly bad"?
  12. Just finished Shining by Stephen King! I loved it.
  13. I bought The Second Life of Bree Tanner (maybe it's not the right translation, sorry) and Closer, the fourth one of the series Tunnels! I have not finish the third yet, but I have to say that I love it.
  14. Cities A to Z

    [ sorry too late, my city started with a C -.- ]
  15. 24 November for me, that's cruel. Can't wait to see