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  1. The Apprentice

    My money is on Stella, she seems to be the best all rounder
  2. The Apprentice

    He's PM so could be on the cards
  3. The Apprentice

    So who's going home 2nite? My wonga's on Laura or Alex....they have dodged bullets over the last couple of weeks!
  4. I spend most of my lunch breaks in local Borders/Starbucks. Terrible for thumbing through books, but not always buying. Anybody else guilty as charged?
  5. The last DVD you watched? (Cont..)

    Jeepers Creepers
  6. What music are you all into?

    Feeling quite sad and melancholy tonight. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3tHRSw38OtQ
  7. I’m getting deep into a book called The Toyota Way by Jeffery Liker. It’s not a read for the faint hearted, but the more I read the more I can see how you can carry the lessons into you personal life, not just at work.
  8. Reading Habits

    I like to take a timeout at lunchbreak to chill and read a book or catch a few tunes. By my most productive reading time is defiantly late at night once everyone is off the floor and the house is quiet. What about you lot?
  9. Do you keep your books?

    Most of my collection is reference and non fiction so use most of them get thumbed quite regularly. Not a massive collection, 104 to be precise. Mainly outdoor pursuits and finance / business. Only a handful of paperback fiction. I keep on saying after each purchase that it will be the last one
  10. Book Prices

    I suppose you have to class a book as a luxury purchase,
  11. Autobiographies and Biographies

    My Wicked, Wicked Ways by Errol Flynn is still one of the best bio's Iv'e read. Dead by 50 but still experianced more than most if they lived to a 100!

    I have been known to fold the page......... I know, I know! But usually I just remember the page number.