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  1. Your Book Activity Today - Take 8!

    Been down with a cold this week, so plenty of reading time means I finished two books....'Bitten', by Kelley Armstrong and 'The Time Traveler's Wife', by Audrey Niffenegger. Am now starting 'Dracula. The Undead', by Dacre Stoker.
  2. Northernnutters reading list 2009.

    The Time Traveler's Wife. Having read this book, I'm still trying to figure out how I feel about it!! There's no denying that the premise of the novel is unique and engrossing. The love affair between Claire and Henry, pinned by fate and which transcends time itself, is beautiful and sorrowful all at once, and I loved the way the author allows us to follow the path of this love through both the experiences of Harry and Claire, but at differing points in time. You never quite know how things will turn out, (like Henry and Claire themselves), until events finally fall into place towards the end of the novel. A beautiful, poinant love story in it's own right. And whilst this theme left me feeling joyous for Henry and Claire through the good times, and sorrowful for them through the hard times they face together, there was another, underlying theme of the novel which made me feel more profoundly saddened.... I felt throughout the novel, Niffenegger constantly reminds us of the inevitability of pain, loss and ultimately..death, through her use of 'illness' and 'disease' as a recurring theme. Claire's mother's death through cancer, Henry's AIDS suffering friend, Ben. In fact, reading the novel, I felt the author portrayed Henry and Claire's experiences very much like a family coping, and coming to terms with a loved one with a terminal illness...the 'highs', the 'lows', Claire's acceptance and support of Henry, the 'disclosure' of Henry's condition to their closest friends, and Henry's search for answers, (and even perhaps a cure), through the medical profession. This theme set up the inevitability of henry's death, and ultimately Claire's fate as the one left behind....and it is this side to the story that left me feeling truly moved. As for the ending, I felt it was fitting that Henry's fate ultimately is decided by a seemingly random event, but I feel the author ensures that we get a glimpse of what ultimately Henry leaves behind through his love with Claire, his friendships and his need to 'understand', and that is his legacy to his daughter and the future. That legacy we glimpse in the art gallery, when he meets Alba and her 'condition' CPD is known to her teacher...a legacy of understanding and, hopefully, a full and happy life for Alba.... Moving, thought-provoking and poignant...4.5/5
  3. Northernnutters reading list 2009.

    Well, I've been holed up with a cold this week, so was able to get through two books- Bitten, by kelley Armstrong, and, The Time traveler's wife, by Audrey Niffenegger. Bitten Haven't read any of Armstrong's novels before, so this was a pleasant surprise! An easy to read, well written supernatural thriller, this book follows Elena Michaels, the only 'female' werewolf in existence, struggling with her human and werewolf persona's, and trying to lead a normal life...until a call from her 'pack' leader plunges her back into the world of werewolves, and into a war with renegade wolf 'mutts', murder and a battle for survival. The Verdict. I really enjoyed Armsrong's writing style.- Wonderfully descriptive when portraying the 'wolf' characteristics of the characters, and vivid action/hunting scenes. Also, her description of the 'pack' and it's hierarchy came across as well researched. I also loved how she kept the 'wolf' characteristics in the forefront even when the characters were in human form- 'nuzzling', 'cavorting' and with a bit of 'rough and tumble', intertwining their werewolf and human persona's well. The plot keeps you interested- The 'pack' is under threat, and they must come toghether to ensure their survival, and to protect their way af life, and Elena must decide where she stands, and, ultimately, what the true meaning of family and security means to her.. I'll definately be looking for the next installment of this series! Forget Vampires..werwolves are the way to go!!! 3.5/5.
  4. I think I was more pushed into it to be honest mate! Haha. But yeah it will be great and on Boxing day I got to my Mums and I get a total rest I just sit there, and the boys open MORE PRESENTS!!! :lol:

  5. Astronomy Pictures

    Just found this thread, and I'm loving it!! The hubble telescope official website is a great place to visit- lots of information, and some fantastic wallpaper images to download! This is mine at the moment!!
  6. Kelley Armstrong

    To be honest, I'd never even heard of Kelly Armstrong before joining the forum, so when I saw a copy of 'Bitten' in the charity shop, I picked it up! It's been sitting on the shelf for a while, but I've decided to start it today, so hopefully, I'll like it! I'll let all you Armstrong fans know what I think when I'm finished....and thanks for the recommendations!
  7. Northernnutters reading list 2009.

    I'll look out for the 'Capote' movie too then! And i didn't realise 'In Cold Blood' was a movie too...but, I'll read the book first! I tend to feel the books are always better than the movie versions!
  8. A case of temporary christmas madness?? Rather you than me!! Seriously though, I bet It'll be great!....stressful..but great!!

  9. Northernnutters reading list 2009.

    Yep, sounds just up my street! Will definately have to get hold of that one. You seem to be a bit of a 'Capote' fan kyle! Iwas curious- have you seen either of the Capote films?? 'Capote' or 'infamous'?, as I'm a bit tempted by these too!!!
  10. I'm hving all the relatives here... Eeek. Why did I offer :lol:

  11. If they're hyper already, you better hide that big tin of 'heroes' under the bed*laughs*!!

    A quiet crimbo for us this year- the first one in 5yrs where we've stayed at home!! Usualy visit the rellies, (down to surrey, then up to Yorkshire!!), but not doing it this year, as we got squashed on the M25 on Boxing day last year.... so, bliss!! Really looking forward to it!!

  12. Haha, I know what you mean about a cold mate. I have had a right stonker for the last week. I could barely speak on Wednesday.. the kids love it.


    As for presents. Yeah pretty much done apart from little things if I see it in the sale, but if I don't they have more than enough. i have spent far too much money this year. My kids both have DSs' so I know how much they cost. what a nice auntie you are.


    I am just wanting it over now the kids are far too hyper!!! Haha

  13. Hi everyone. Hope you don't mind me contributing to the discussion. My first 'delve' into the Reading Circle...so bare with me!! Ok..here goes... 1. Toews' wrighting style. I found it easy to follow and well paced. I enjoyed the dialogue heavy style of the novel- no breaks or quotation marks- added a feeling of 'continuous motion' for me, almost like the car journey itself. 2. How did you find Hattie? I'm a bit torn on this question. On one level I agree with some remarks on here already stated; totally unresponsible, immature, self-absorbed with no idea how to care for kids! In the 'ideal' and 'real' world, Hattie would have stayed put, took responsibility fro the kids, gotten the kids,(and social services!) onside, and shown some maturity and insight intot he issues faced by herself and her sisters' family.....but then, that's a whole different novel!! In terms of the plot the author chooses to follow, however, - with Hattie totally clueless, and totally unprepared fror the responsibility of the kids, I thought Hattie's character, faults and all, was pretty well drawn!! 3. Hattie and Min's relationship? I felt that Hattie's entire relationship and feelings towards Min had been totally coloured by the childhood swimming incident resulting in their father's death. In 'Hattie's' memory, we are shown Min attempting to kill her, but where's the evidence?? The two girls both go for a swim...they both get into trouble...Min panick's and clambers onto her sister...a malicious attempt to kill, or merely a larger, young girl panicking and afraid?? From then on, Hattie feels she is unsafe around Min- that Min's out to get her, waiting for a 'Knife in the night',- that Hattie admits never happens. I felt Hattie used this 'fear' of her sister as an excuse to disassociate herself, and as a valid excuse for her own negative feelings towards Min. Towards the end of the novel, Hattie admits that Min has told her that 'she' is the one person she truly loves, therefore making Hattie realise, perhaps, that the negative feelings between them have primarily been Hatties.....not Min's?? 4. Anything else? Might upset a few people here, but I'm afraid I must agree with Freewheeling andy here, when I say my least favourite character in the novel is Thebes! (Sorry!!) By the end of the novel, she just annoyed me!! Every line of dialogue given to her was either 'cutesy', 'comic', 'quasi-philosophical' or 'poignant'. By the end, I just wanted her to say something normal and benign like..."Hey, aunt Hattie. I need a wee...". Simple! But no! Instead, I would probably have read...."I need to empty myself of this useless wastage of life....", well....you get my drift!!(My own personal view, of course!) The one character I really liked, however, was Logan. The 'only' character within the entire novel who really 'gets' the mess they are all facing! He spends the entire story under no allusions as to his aunt's motive for the road trip,i.e., looking for a way out for herself. Also, that the father stepping in is a long shot- therefore, the future of his family may ultimately fall into his hands. A lot for a kid to deal with! I totally got the mood swings/ silences, and found his character the most believable. Finally, Hattie steps up to the plate and takes that responsibility from him, but I was left with the feeling that Logan may have been a far better choice in the end!! In summary then.... Not usually the kind of novel I read, so a nice change. An easy read, with an enjoyable enough plot, but, if the author was hoping to instill a feeling of life-affirming change, or a maturing of characters, then it misses the mark for me, I'm afraid.
  14. Hey Catwoman! Good to hear from you! I'm just fine- (bit of a cold, but hey..). All done for christmas at this end! No more shopping!!yeay!! And yourself?? Shopping for the kids must be a nightmare! (But all worth it on christmas day, I bet!!) Still, like you say, it's an expensive business! Kids today 'know' what they want, don't they!!

    Asked my sister what my niece wanted for christmas, and when you get, "Oh I don't know..she's got everything"...it kinda leaves you stuck!! Ended upgetting her games for her DS, but she's 5!!!! (It still baffles me!!)

  15. Northernnutters reading list 2009.

    Hi Kyle, thank you! And thanks for the recommendation.( Is that the book concerning serial-killers?). Will definately be going on my reading wishlist!