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  1. I read the book last year while working away from home. I finished it in two nightshifts! I found it to be an original and beautifully written story. I managed to find the film version showing in an Art House cinema in Sheffield earlier this year. As is usually the case I preferred the book but still thought the film excellent. Those viewers of the film that found elements of the work unsettling should avoid Antichrist at all costs!! I've recently finished reading Handling the Undead by the same author and though good, I believe Let the Right One In to be in a league above.
  2. Very Long Shot

    Thanks Susanne!! Once I read some of the character names on Amazon it all came flooding back. I wish I had found this forum sooner Now to get a copy!
  3. Hello and welcome xxx

  4. I can vaguely remember reading a children's book at school when I was around 10, so 1980ish. I don't remember finishing it and it's really bugging me!! I seem to remember the lead character was a young teenage girl. Timeline I'm thinking around the Dark ages or maybe even Iron Age, I can recall references to honey and mead production. The community the girl lived with were largely confined to the village due to a threat (wraithes?) in the wilderness. The only other thing I can recall is a giant (possibly female) buried underground though the outline visible as hills. Trigger any memories? Thanks!
  5. Hi, I've just finished Mayday by Thomas Block & Nelson DeMille. Really easy to read and a fun thriller/adventure/horror about a sticken commercial jet. What you make of it sounds really good, I will be getting that one myself:mrgreen: