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  1. Hi All, It may sound strange but i'm trying to find a book of which I have no idea of the title. I read it once before and thought it was amazing and wanted to continue on with the series but forgot the author. All I know is what the book is about... eeek! I know it sounds silly but was wondering if anyone could help me find out what the name of the book is? Was about this girl who could travel dimensions and there was this organisation after her. These people who could travel dimesions have existed throughout history and have been great leaders to influence the world for the good. However they have been hunted and in order to try avoid being caught these people would appear to do things at random to throw the organisation off course. (it's hard to explain this part) People generally would follow a pattern everyday - they would take the same train at the same time everyday to get to a certain place. Thus these people who travelled dimensions would have a dice and roll it (evens for yes and odds for no) so in order to choose which path to take left or right when walking down the road they would let chance decide. Sorry for bad explanation its been a good say 6 years since I read the book. Any offers anyone? Please! I've been trying to hunt this book down for ages since I borrowed it from the library.