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  1. Worst ever film from a book?

    It's almost unfair to compare in some ways, because books are so different than most construction of films. But the worst? I'm going to use a graphic novel, but seriously? League of Extraordinary Gentlemen destroyed a fantastic premise.
  2. Comparing chick-lit

    I'm pretty sure the mid-90s is that time period for sure. There's now "lad lit", too, mostly taken from the chicklit craziness
  3. Has anyone read...?

    That sounds fantastic! Truly. I'm going to have to go find it, for sure.
  4. The Other Queen by Philippa Gregory

    I agree with a lot of that - the ending really was...trivializing.
  5. What are your top three classics?

    The Adventures of Huck Finn - Sawyer Midsummer Nights Dream - Shakespeare Short Stories - Edgar Allan Poe
  6. Shakespeare

    SO TRUE! It was so crazed, but that *song*
  7. There's so many being put into TV shows too! It's crazy business! L.A. Banks has her books being turned into "The Vampire Dairies" and the like. It's absolutely crazy.
  8. YA Books?

    I need help finding a book that I read when I was younger. It's about two cousins - one Canadian, one Irish - and a bunch of fairies. They get dragged into a crazy adventure and have to save Faerie (I *think*). Anyone?
  9. A little bit more old school, but my favourites are still Sherlock and the Edgar Allan Poe crime-fighting games.
  10. Citizen Girl...

    It's got such a crazy style to it, but I really, really enjoyed it. What did you guys think?
  11. Tanya Huff?

    Anyone like her? She's such a fantastically brilliant character writer, I find it surprising she's not gotten bigger outside of Canada.
  12. Pet Peeves

    Truly? Brutal and pointless over-adjective-ification. Drives me mental.