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  1. Book buys: Internet or bookshop?

    i am living in Denmark for a short period and its between
  2. What do you stubbornly refuse to read, and why?

    i refuse to read Austen, i never have been that interested in reading her books, i dont like period dramas, it doesn't mean to say she isn't a great author, i will probably read them when am a little older cos am 30 years young at the moment and enjoy something more modern!!! i am ignorant but i love it lol
  3. Have you read a book in one sitting?

    i honestly don't know how someone can sit and read something in one sitting but tomorrow i am gonna try this on a book i am having problems with cos i want to read it but its not keeping me gripped!!!
  4. Do you keep your books?

    keep all my books, some i give as presents!!!!
  5. Who/Where Are You?

    i am a 25 year old man named Nige in New Zealand who has run over a Norweigan backpacker and is now drinking and trying not to get caught...

    i got this eco pen made entirely out of recycleable materials and it has my name on it for a present it came with a bookmark and i use that now!!!
  7. 20 Books Everyone Should Read!

    most books on here are classics or very popular choices, having only read a handfull of books in my life i tend to not go for the big titles... the one everyone has read and get something more exciting and unheard of which gives me the simple pleasure of telling people about the book because they haven't heard of it, things like to kill a mockingbird and the stand everyone has heard of these, maybe some books that aint so popular but are still amazing to be posted here!!!!
  8. Book buys: Internet or bookshop?

    i do like going into a shop because i don't like the security online and i heard of these vouchers people keep saying on here but i don't know how to get my hands on them @green shoes: where can i buy the paysafecard vouchers and which online shops can i use them in?
  9. Book buys: Internet or bookshop?

    you see in the past i have had major issues with my credit card and someone has obtained my information one way or another, i can't be so sure it was online but i never use it apart from in stores now.... the paysafecard is something i had heard of and would be a great thing for me to do, how do i get this voucher?
  10. Comedy Fiction books?

    thanks for all the replies i am gonna look into buying most books suggested but need to wait for pay day now!!!
  11. What's for dinner? (Cont..)

    i really would like a huge steak with chips and gravy but i live the life of a poor student so i am gonna settle for beans on toast, everyone say awww lol... i like beans!!!
  12. Best Bookstore - Which Ones And What Do You Look For?

    i really like borders they are quite good on price and they seem to be bigger than waterstones where i am from... It has some really good books in there too!!!
  13. Comedy Fiction books?

    hello guys, i got 2 comedy books, one by a New Zealand writer called 'Two Little Boys' and have read over half the book now, it is absolutely hilarious and i got 'Rock Bottom' which is about a rock band who failed miserably to get famous and are making a comeback its by an author called Michael Shilling... not read any of the 2nd book yet but will let you know how it goes... thanks for the advice at the mo am staying with a friend in Denmark so am a little unsure where to get books lol. these 2 look good for now!!!
  14. Anybody know of any good comedy books, i really need some laughter in my life?
  15. How do I choose a book ?

    hello, what i do when choosing a book is firstly decide favourite genre, so i like comedy and therefore i look for a comedy book!!! now the comedy are quite easy to find because they normally have bright colours and funny text, i look around the bookshop till i find a comedy book that suits my needs and then i buy!!! always go with genre first and then read the intro to a book... most the times a good book will find you and not the other way round!!!