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  1. Sick of same old, are these any good? :)

    One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest - there was also a movie, wasn't it? I haven't read the book yet but it's on my TBR list already.
  2. Do you keep your books?

    Some of my books were lost somewhere on the bookshelves of my friends. I don't want anyone (well, except my family) to borrow my books any more. There are good libraries here, in case they don't want to buy a book but want to read it. I am collecting the books I like and need, it's a pity when they disappear.
  3. Book buys: Internet or bookshop?

    Yes, I know how it works, I'm just wondering that it works on amazon.co.uk now, because I've used a paysafecard to do some shopping on the German amazon.
  4. Book buys: Internet or bookshop?

    paragonalley, is paysafecard working for amazon.co.uk now? That's great!
  5. What about 'classical classics'?

    Yeah, it is essential to read Epicurus to be aware of what Lucretius is writing about. Well, in general. The course is getting more and more interesting now.
  6. What about 'classical classics'?

    MDR124, oh. Then we're not. Engineering is not my field at all . Well, you told you wanted to refresh your classical studies and so on. To be honest, I've never seen an engineer, who could translate original texts from ancient Greek and Latin, that's why I thought you're some kind of philologist. De rerum natura is an interesting work. I'm taking a course about Lucretius this semester and I'm going crazy because of the intertextuality and philosophical background.
  7. Autobiographies and Biographies

    Would be The Diary of Anne Frank counted as autobiography?
  8. What about 'classical classics'?

    sirinrob, sure. Plato. Respect. MDR124, sounds like we're colleagues. I read Homer, Vergil, Horace, Taсitus, Lucretius - the standard list for those who take Introduction to the Classical Literature course. I don't say that I'm the best student in the world and a professional in this field but it would be nice to have someone to talk about it. I'm re-reading Petronius' Satyricon at the moment and I really like it. busy91, Dante is definetly Classics but from another period. I was talking about the Literature of Antiquity/Late Antiquity. But I like Dante, too.
  9. Book buys: Internet or bookshop?

    I didn't realise that, I've ordered so many books from different online-shops using different paying options recently that I forgot that. Yea, I've used this paysafecard voucher for amazon.de, I had to buy some books for university. I wish I had time to read them all in a week.
  10. Book buys: Internet or bookshop?

    Buying a book after seeing it is great. But there are cases when the nearest book store doesn't have the book you need and they don't seem to have it in the nearest couple of years. Then you go to amazon or another online shop and get your book there.
  11. What about 'classical classics'?

    Hello everyone! I haven't seen any treads about the real classics, I mean antique classics by this. Do you like Greek or Roman authors? How do you approach their works? There are many good translations out there so you don't need to learn Ancient Greek or Latin to read Homer or Vergil. But it's so exhausting sometimes... Even if the historical and cultural background is familiar to you, it's a big challenge, I think.
  12. True Blood

    I don't know if someone had already told it here before buuuuuut... according to HBO, the third season is about to be aired in June. I am sooooooo excited )))
  13. How to make somebody read?

    Thank you all for suggestions and ideas. I really appreciate it. I'm having a secret mission starting tommorow. I'll give it a last try. In any case, she is a personality and I respect that. I don't want her to hate or ignore me. I love her as she is. But still... She got interested in Harry Potter audiobooks today, hurrah. She likes the movies, but her school friends told her that the original story was different. Since she doesn't like having nothing to say in such situations, she's going to listen to it. Well... It's a little victory.
  14. Book buys: Internet or bookshop?

    There is enough info on the paysafecard homepage but only in German version. I wish I knew why. And talking about having your credit card details stolen - yes, you get the money back. But it is such a pain in the ass, pardon my language, that it's just not worth it. You'd save time and health by using something like paysafe card for online shopping, I think.
  15. Favourite meal

    Oh. Pumpkin! Ravioli! O-oh. These are 2 things that I can't imagine together. I can't stand pumpkin at all. I love homemade cakes and a good Italian pizza.