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  1. General questions / discussions

    Thank you so much for all you’ve done over the years to make this place an absolute haven for book readers Michelle. I’m so sad to see it go but totally understand why it’s become necessary. Hope somehow that we can all keep in touch.
  2. Your Book Activity - April 2018

    Such a great book. I heard her talking about it on Radio 4's Bookclub (on iPlayer) and she was just so interesting that I put the book on my wishlist straight away. Afterwards I knew I had to read Goshawk by T.H. White and so tracked it down at the library. I'm currently reading Madame Bovary of the Suburbs by Sophie Divry which is a bit of an odd choice for me as I absolutely hated Madame Bovary I did like Sophie Divry's book The Library of Unrequited Love though and so thought I'd give this one a go. It was a bit slow to start and I'm not altogether a fan of the second person narrative employed here but all the same I'm hooked .. though large parts of it are tedious (in homage to the original I guess )
  3. Poppyshake's Reading Year 2018

    Thank you my lovely .. I hope you have an amazing year too I have indeed read Left of the Bang already and really enjoyed it .. thank you so much You know how it is, a day turned up which seemed just the right day to begin it .. so I did I hope you get on alright with Eleanor ... fingers crossed
  4. Poppyshake's Reading Year 2018

    Thanks Gaia We did have some lovely warm weather last week .. but it's drizzly and cold again now Good job that reading is a hot and cold weather pursuit !
  5. Janet's Log - Stardate 2018

    Glad you enjoyed Wives and Daughters Janet, both book and DVD I think that was the first one I read of hers (so started with her last, first ) but that's because I saw the adaptation when it was televised (I don't think I'd heard of her before that ) and then went on to read it and soon wanted to read her other books. She's a great writer. Great reviews of that and The New Mrs Clifton .. I really enjoyed it too especially the ending, it was compelling reading (I liked the way the author poses a bit of a mystery at the beginning and you have it in mind but you don't know which of the girls it will affect.) I'm going to take it to my Mum's when I go next weekend .. I think she'll enjoy it. Looking forward to seeing you and Claire soon xx
  6. Poppyshake's Reading Year 2018

    Thank you all I've been shockingly remiss about updating this blog I could make lots of excuses but I won't .. I'll just try and do better. Usually I tail off towards the end of the year but this year I've started off badly .. perhaps I'll improve .. it'll be the reverse of all other years My reading is still going relatively well so that's a positive. These are always the good reading months for me though .. when the days are still cold etc. Nothing much to distract, no days or trips out, no holidays (and I hardly ever read on holiday .. unless it's sitting on a beach weather .. which it hardly ever is ) no long walks in the sunshine. I love winter reading and I still count it as winter and will until the weather positively warms up. Today I did go out for a walk without a coat mind you so it can't be long now. Hope you're all having a good reading year so far xx <3 xx
  7. Diane's Reading List - 2018

    You did so well to keep going with it Diane ... I'm glad it eventually improved for you
  8. Poppyshake's Reading Year 2018

    It IS open Janet It's not entirely tidy and the books are strewn all over the floor but you're very welcome indeed It was wonderful to see you and Claire, the best day I've had in ages .. here's to the next one!
  9. Your Book Activity - January 2018

    Just finished The New Mrs Clifton by Elizabeth Buchan and Autumn by Ali Smith and almost finished listening to Three Things About Elsie by Joanna Cannon. Not sure what to read next .. whatever jumps off of the (tottering) pile I suppose Seriously considering downloading the audio of Mythos (written and read) by Stephen Fry. It's not my usual thing but I've listened to a sample and think I'll be able to keep up I had a Waterstone's voucher so treated myself to a (signed) copy of The Mermaid and Mrs Hancock by Imogen Hermes Gowar. It was on my radar as there's a bit of a buzz about it at the moment and the cover is quite, quite, beautiful so it was a done deal. It's supposed to be very The Essex Serpentish which I'm happy about but in any case .. the pages have turquoise edges!! That in itself was enough for me to pick it up. Nobody can see that when it's on the shelf but I'll know!!! So, that's another hardback I've been seduced into buying
  10. Willoyd's Reading 2018

    Happy New Year Willoyd and Happy Reading in 2018. Hope it's full of great books
  11. Claire's Book List 2018

    It was lovely to see you and Janet on Monday Claire Happy Reading in 2018 and good luck with all your challenges. This blog is so super organised (as always) that it's inspired me to actually pull my finger out. I've reserved some spaces .. that's the best that can be hoped for but it's a start! I'm another one who loved Middlesex .. not that that's a recommendation but I hope you do too
  12. Noll's 2018 Reads

    Happy New Year Noll and Happy Reading in 2018! Hope you feel much better soon
  13. Little Pixie`s Bookshelf 2018

    52 books already I give up Happy Reading LP!
  14. Athena's Reading List 2018

    Happy Reading in 2018 Gaia .. hope your year is full of great books
  15. Karen.d's Reading List 2018

    Happy Reading in 2018 Karen, hope you're feeling better