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  1. You have been missing a treat. I hope all is well and hapy with you. It's been a very log time. Happy New Year. http://www.bookclubforum.co.uk/community/index.php?/topic/10855-from-the-fog-they-came-adventure-story/

  2. Finished 'A case of Exploding Mangoes' over the weekend. The reading mojo is coming back slowly.
  3. Almost halfway through A Case of Exploding Mangoes and really enjoying it
  4. hi everyone - not been around for sometime as I've been busy with real life tasks. Have managed some reading though. Finished The Bastard Of Istanbul by Elif Shafak -enjoyed that. Now started A Case of exploding Mangoes
  5. Your Age?

    not long turned 56 - what's in a number?
  6. Finally halfway through the 'person of dubious parentage' of Istanbul. after giving my reading mojo a smack on the bottom
  7. This novel is the first part of a trilogy. Written from a first person point of view, it follows Jacques Devas as he becomes involved with a mysterious group whose aims are unstated but whose day-to-day activities involve the careful observation of people's character and the prediction of their future behaviour. By nature he is admirably suited for this task as he instinctively watches listens and analyses other people. He is estranged from his wife; a theme that runs throughout the novel. He meets up with an old friend of his Wheeler, a retired Oxford don. Various conversations with Wheeler reveal information that Jacques never suspected and starts him pondering on truth and deception, trust and betrayal. This exploration of human nature is the main theme of the novel and is explored using inner monologues. The style is on the academic side and the prose is concentrated. One feature of the writing is that the author uses very long, complicated sentences, in a similar fashion to Antonio Flores, Roberto Bolano, Gunter Grass. I liked this, but some may find this off putting. The depth of the thoughts and associated analysis I enjoyed. The ending is mysterious and haunting. On the look out for the remaining books in this intriguing trilogy.
  8. Endless List of Authors

    Edgar Alan Poe
  9. Cross stitch

    Like that one Kate
  10. Endless List of Authors

    Elif Shafak
  11. Endless List of Authors

    Peter Benchley
  12. Endless List of Authors

    Samuel Barclay Beckett
  13. Read four chapters of 'person of dubious parentage' of Istanbul. Full of humour and deeper insights. Enjoyable read.
  14. Endless List of Authors

    Saul Bellow
  15. Endless List of Authors

    Wilhelm Meinhold