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  1. first one is very vague. I think they were doing in series like goosebumps. The story is a girl and i think it was 2 boys or could be one were messing about somewhere on a cliff edge and one of them falls and dies and they leave them there and then they are tormented by the person that is dead and it turns out it was trick from the start. I also think i remember the girl being in a hospital bed when she finds out. second book. Is a lad who works in a tannery as an apprentice and the master sends him to a place where there is a bear cub playing up and the boy manages to calm the animal and then another bloke hires the lad to work with the bear and he ends up having to run away with the bear as they want to kill it. It also tells the story from the bears point of view on every other chapter. Any help would be greatly appreciated
  2. 2 Children books.

    No it werent Roald Dahl i think it had a bear on the front cover.
  3. The Host by Stephenie Meyer

    Now i read this book and i read it all the way through and had a few laughs in it but over all i thought it was only good for one read it was nothing fantastic. The whole alien thing i thought was original but not as good as the twilights didnt have me gripped as much.
  4. 2 Children books.

    Oh also another book if anyone can help me. It was also made into a film. It was about a boy and his father who had pheasants and somebody kept killing them and i think the father got killed by the people who were killing the pheasants