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  1. Tea

    tea with milk and sugar?! it's like im from a different planet. i just drink my tea with some boiling water and its fantastic! i usually drink either green tea, jasmine or brown riced tea YUMMM
  2. Hi everyone!

    Hello! im new here too and i wanted to say greeting from the USA as well (California to be a little more specific) =D
  3. i have not read this book but i have seen the movie and thought it was just alright, nothing special. I'll probably read this book sometime in my life and it'll probably change my opinion about Let the right one in completely due to pretty good reviews =D
  4. Fans of Tolkien

    i've only read one book of Tolkein's (The Hobbit) and i loved the world he created, i currently have The Fellowship of the ring waiting on my shelf to be read and i can't wait to tackle it
  5. i cant decide whether i should look into this book or not. it seems interesting and all but... i have so many other books waiting for me. Is this a book i should invest my money in, or borrow at the library or just not read? please give me some opinions about this book =)
  6. i LOVED this book! i really connected with the characters, i laughed with them and felt their pain when something bad happened. Such a great book! LOL!! HAHAHA, what a funny image =D
  7. How Many in your TBR Pile

    WOW. Many of you guys have more books in your TBR pile than my entire book collection! i feel so inferior with only 15 books in my TBR stack
  8. How do you arrange your books?

    i organize my shelf by genre (fiction, non-fiction, mystery/thriller, etc) but i'm also looking for a new way to organize them because some authors books get separated this way =( like my alice sebold books, the lovely bones and the almost moon are on the fiction shelf but Lucky is on the nonfiction! -SIGH-
  9. longest novel ????

    The longest book currently on my shelf would be Les Miserables by Victor Hugo at 1463 pages