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  1. Your Book Activity - May 2014

    Started The Yellow Birds by Kevin Peters this morning,an Iraqi war story. Bought Fan by Danny Rhodes,The Silence Of The Glasshouse by Martin Malone & Prayers For The Stolen by Jennifer Clement.
  2. I started A Cry In The Night by Tom Grieves yesterday-modern day crime with witches-and bought Red Rising by Pierce Brown-sci-fi-and The Wreckage by Michael Crummey-Newfoundland social story.
  3. Three quarters way through John Wilcox's WW1 novel Starshine,and will probably be reading Paul Fraser Collard's Crimean historical adventure,The Scarlet Thief next.
  4. Almost finished Far To Go by Alison Pick,excellent novel.
  5. I started Stephen Baxter's latest sci-fi novel,Proxima this afternoon,and it's very good so far.
  6. Started Ring Around Rosie by Emily Pattullo on Kindle last night.
  7. Started The Strangled Vine by M.J.Carter tonight which arrived today. It's an historical adventure set in 1837 India.
  8. The Cuckoo's Calling was my favourite crime novel of 2013,and I bought it before J.K.Rowling was unmasked as the actual author. I've never read Harry Potter,though my son has them all. Looking forward to The Silkworm.
  9. The last film you saw - 2014

    Gravity and 12 Years A Slave,both brilliant for totally different reasons!
  10. Half way though my Kindle download of The Seed Farm by Ruby Lord,and while it's quite an original idea and the story is quite good,the grammar is quite poor. There's a woeful absence of commas and full stops. Reviewers on Amazon & Goodreads haven't mentioned this,so maybe it's a dodgy download! I ordered The Strangler Vine by M.J.Carter from Wordery today. It's a historical adventure set in colonial India.
  11. What are you listening to? - 2014

    I use Spotify while I'm up here in the loft and afew of the tracks in my current top 20 are Diamonds by Rihanna,Pale Light by Dusted,Far From Any Road by The Handsome Family which is the theme for the new U.S crime series True Detective,Kenya Dig It & Kingfisher Call Me by The Ruby Suns,Hollow Talk by Choir Of Young Believers,theme from The Bridge,the Danish/Swedish police series. Also been listening to Suzanne Vega's new album Tales From The Realm Of The Queen Of Pentacles.That's quite an album title! Plus sounds of nature for relaxation such as Soft Mountain Stream,Ocean Surf, and Thurderstorm and Rain.
  12. Your books wish list

    I use my 'tbr' list on Goodreads which currently has 59 titles,though some have been there for a few years. Last year I created a smaller list for high priority books I want to read on Wordpad on my computer,which I delete from and add to fairly often.
  13. Started The Seed Farm by Ruby Lord, £1 buy on the Kindle last night.
  14. It certainly is! It's one of my favourites. I don't usually re-read books,but I could happily submerge myself in Replay again. I finished the 'western' Butcher's Crossing by John Williams earlier this evening,and haven't decided what to read next yet. Too many choices!