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  1. Newbie!

    Hi to all the Newbies I am also very new to this forum. Great for people to say hello on here. Is anyone into Dr Who on here?
  2. Hi - I have actually removed your post for now, as it goes against some of our rules. If you remain an active regular member, get back in touch, and I will look into allowing it.

  3. Advice Please~on the best place to sell books

    I have sold books on eBay many times but they just take so much money in commission especially once you've used paypal as well! I will look at the Green Metropolis and see what they can offer. Cheers
  4. Just Joined on here!

    Hi Yes True Crime books are a specialist area for me. I have read literally hundreds of tiles in the field alone! What about yourselves? Cheers
  5. Just Joined on here!

    Hi To everyone just joined on here and thought it would be polite to say Hi. Any questions? Cheers