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  1. "When men call for blood, nothing else will do." Bloodmark by Jean Lowe Carlson
  2. Rainbow Rowell

    How are you finding Landline so far, Frankie? I must admit this is the only book of hers that has not really stuck out to me so far. I'm umming over buying it at the moment...
  3. Rainbow Rowell

    Rainbow Rowell is my new favourite author! I read Fangirl and Eleanor and Park during the last few months of last year. Started reading Attachments last night, and I am loving it so far. Out of the three I've read I think this one has to be the best!
  4. What's up in June?

    Had to book myself an emergency appointment for this afternoon at the dentist. My wisdom teeth are forever giving me problems, last year I ended up having one removed because I couldn't deal with it. Having the same problems with my other one, same side of my mouth, just on the bottom this time. The tooth is constantly digging into the side of my mouth. My mouth is extremely small, I always get that complaint when I go to the dentist, I just don't have any room, and all the sharp bits are rammed up against the side of my mouth and is always cutting in and giving me infections. I'm working this afternoon, and I've had to let them know I need to go early, but it just doesn't seem worth going in. On Wednesdays I only work in the afternoon, 1-30 til 3-30, taking children out of their afternoon class for extra literacy support. I'm going to have to leave at 2:45, so it really doesn't seem worth the long drive :/ Ahh well, hopefully they will remove it this time, eh? They told me at my last 6 month checkup (when it was giving me a hard time then) that they would remove it if I carry on having issues with it.
  5. Game of Thrones

    I don't want it to end now :'(
  6. What's up in June?

    It looks like you had an amazing time muggle not I would love to go one day! Thank you Talisman. I just need to get back on the ball now, I have just felt so disheartened over the whole experience. It is good to see your new job has had quite a positive effect on you! Today has been quite a dull day, with the end of my favourite TV shows. I feel at a bit of a loss now! My boyfriend and I finished watching the very last episode of The West Wing while we ate our dinner, and we have just finished watching the last of this season of Game of Thrones We need more TV! Normally we find a TV series on Netflix or LoveFilm and just watch the whole lot as quickly as we can. I don't think there are many good ones now for us to choose from...
  7. Nope, I agree with everything Kell has said. Life is too short, if you are not enjoying the book then ditch it! Even if I do enjoy the book and there is a slight boring bit I still won't skip it, I would be so afraid that I would have missed something quite important!
  8. What's up in June?

    I agree, photos are a must! Wow, great to be back here! I've been meaning to come back for quite a while now, been recently keeping up to date with the old gang on Facebook, and I did tell Noll I would pop over here at some point! I've spent all weekend working, and I have been so tired and quite disappointed I have missed out on the nice weather and some quite nice events that have been going on in my home town. I just feel so bogged down in work lately! I work weekend at a supermarket, and a few afternoons a week as a teaching assistant. I am constantly on the job hunt as I am fed up of my situation and need something full time. I had a job interview a few week ago for a full time role as a teaching assistant, but annoyingly didn't get the job due to the fact that the lady who did get it had already been doing a lot of voluntary work at the school. All my teacher friends who I went to Uni with has said that a lot of schools are doing this, which I find incredibly annoying, especially as we had to plan a 10minute reading session for the pre-interview activity, which was just so time consuming when I have one-to-one and group sessions to plan for with my own children who need the extra help. Argh! It was just a horrible experience all around though. They were holding teaching interviews later on in the day, so told us we had to be quick with everything, making us feel a nuisance over their bad scheduling. Then one of the ladies didn't turn up with an activity to do, so the headteacher then decided to humiliate this lady in front of the entire staff room. To be fair, when I phoned up they told me they would provide material, but my headteacher recommended I take something in as they could just be testing us to see if we come prepared. I feel like half term just hasn't been long enough, and I cannot wait until the summer holidays start. I have two weeks booked off from the supermarket as well at the end of July so I am hoping to have a lovely time chilling out!
  9. Thirteen Reasons Why by Jay Asher

    Just downloaded this book and I'm 25% through it already. Really enjoying this book and I am finding it very difficult to put down.
  10. I finished the book this morning and I really enjoyed it! I quite liked the swapping of the PoV of each character - I really do like to know what each character is thinking, especially with how much gossip is in this book! It was quite nice to read something by Rowling that wasn't Harry Potter, but I did have the image of the Dursleys in my head every time the Mollisons were mentioned!
  11. I just wish that with the 'Noughts and Crosses' "trilogy" (which then wasn't a trilogy anymore...) that I hadn't bothered. Noughts and Crosses was a really good powerful book and I feel that the books that came after just let it down. ...And yes I did just keep reading them just to find out what happened next because I just have to know and I did keep praying a little bit that the next would be in league with the first but I was sadly disappointed
  12. Harry Potter Books by J. K. Rowling

    I would love a "Potter" story of Harrys parents and friends from when they are at Hogwarts from when Voldemort first takes over. I just think that would be really interesting (plus it means more Sirius! )
  13. Ok I admit it, I got it from work today! Won't be reading it until I've finished what I'm reading now though. I'm not too happy about the Kindle price being more (I do prefer my Kindle now I have it!) but it doesn't bother me so much. At least at work I got it with my staff discount so I can't complain! Really looking forward to reading it. I don't like reading reviews and taking their word for it, I prefer to make my own judgement. My ex was a gamer, he would get excited for a game then refuse to buy it if it got a bad review! I kept telling him to try it, make his own decision on if it was good or not. He ignored me for a long time, then decided to take my advice and realised what an idiot he was and that he had missed out on so many good games !
  14. Someone linked me earlier to a photocopy of the first page. I read it and I admit it wasn't as bad as I was expecting it to be. I am quite interested now in reading it but I think I'm going to wait a bit to see peoples opinions on it and maybe for the price to come down a bit as well !
  15. The Avengers

    Managed to go and see it last Wednesday (took us a while with most showings sold out due to the first Orange Wednesday for the film, but we managed it!) I loved the film, loved the banter and the one-liners! Just amazing Oh, and all the guys were hot so that is obviously an added bonus...