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  1. Post Yourself

    ive no idea how to post a piccy so if anyone could guide a luddite it would be appreciated oh i think i did it,more luck than judgement,how do you do it from a file on the hard drive without using a photo service ie photobucket? cheers
  2. Your Book Activity - July 2013

    Mid way through the good guy by dean koontz, a decent thriller thus far.
  3. Your Book Activity ~ April 2013

    Only 50 pages left of The Dark Tower,really wanted to finish it last night but it was already 4:30am,next up will probably be Farenheit 451 as its been in my TBR forever. After that i will be completeing the dark tower series with The wind through the keyhole. simon
  4. Your Book Activity ~ February 2013

    Picking up some more bret easton ellis from waterstones tommorow,imperial bedrooms and rules of attraction. They didnt have Lunar park and glamarama in my local so i will order them when i pick these up. Ive read Less than Zero and American psycho and was fascinated without really knowing why. I just think the writing is so good i just got sucked right in. simon
  5. Amazon...what do you make of this?

    I used to use amazon all the time but what i do now is find books on amazon (much better site than waterstones) and once i have found what i want use watersones reserve & collect. That way i get to nip into waterstones shop but get the internet price
  6. What are you drinking just now?

    Kopparberg elberflower & lime
  7. I can't offer much only that I bought it last Saturday and its right on the top of my TBR pile.looking forward to it. Not read any vampire stuff other than salems lot.
  8. Your Book Activity ~ June 2012

    Reading The Travelling Vampyre show by Richard Laymon,only 60 pages to go and I don't want it to end as its a brilliant read Simon
  9. Swan Song or Odd Thomas?

    Hi there, I have read both and loved them both too,Odd had be laughing out loud at times,as for swan song well that was incredible,as you say it is a long one but I blazed through it and I'm not a quick reader by any stretch.......enjoy swan song I think you will Simon
  10. Your book activity in 2012

    Started Brother Odd by Koontz last night,I'm only 40 pages in but it hasnt got the feel of the first 2 books yet which had me gripped from the get go,anyway like I say only a few chapters in so hopefully it will get me soon enough. Simon
  11. Your book activity in 2012

    Half way through Less than zero by bret easton ellis and enjoying it but can't as yet say why really other than like American psycho its just very very good writing. Simon
  12. Stephen King

    Your welcome julie,I'm sure your going to enjoy the book and looking forward to your comments when you have read it. Thanks also Bobbly,I tend to get a bit of tunnel vision when it comes to Mr King...a bit like supporting your soccer team,they are always the best even when they are not playing well lol. Simon
  13. Stephen King

    hi julie,I read this a few months back and thought it was brilliant,for me it read very much like the King's early works.Despite its mammoth size I found it fast paced and I flew through it despite not being a very fast reader myself. The book kicks right off from the get go and doesnt let up really.I would easily give it 9/10,but them I'm a King freak so please take that into account lol. Simon
  14. Your Book Activity Today ~ Thread 16

    200 pages into American psycho and really enjoying it,very very well written and quite horrific in parts.....
  15. What Did You Have For Breakfast?

    interseting thread,I only have a breakfast on saturday and sundays,don't ask me why....saturdays breakfast is always 2 proper horseshoe black puddings.Sundays usually english brekky. Simon