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  1. Hey Mick, haven't seen you around much lately, you alright? I miss your funny "Now what are you wearing" posts! PS: How's the goat?

  2. Hi Mick :006: Just passing and thought I'd pop in and say hello. Hope you are settling in well and enjoying the forum :D

  3. Your Age?

    I'm 21 (cough)
  4. Another what's for dinner?

    shepherds pie and veg, rhubarb crumble and custard
  5. Hi There

    Hi again all, thanks for the welcomes The goats fine Chrissy
  6. Leaning against an old tree in a nearby meadow on a sunny afternoon or in bed during a winter storm
  7. Whitechapel

    I think it was a well made thriller, good acting and directing and even though I thought the ending was a a bit weak, (not so much the outcome but the climax of it), I hope they make more with the same team
  8. Hi There

    I'm mick, I live on a dilapidated (but beautiful) little farm with my animals on the East Coast. I read everything from Crime to History to Non fiction. My favourite author changes by the month. I like playing guitar, growing my own veg and at the moment I'm half way through writing a screenplay using Final Draft that may never see the light of day.
  9. Whitechapel

    I thought it was a disappointing ending. I heard Phil Davis on the radio a week back say there could be a follow up. Might have been wishful thinking on his part. I guess it could be same team different cases.
  10. They left the aqueduct two hours before dawn, climbing by moonlight into the hills overlooking the port- six men in single file, the engineer leading. Pompeii by Robert Harris
  11. Five facts...

    1) I've never had a long distance relationship 2) I've never had a middle distance relationship 3) I've never had a short distance relationship 4) I think I will stop at 4, I have just noticed a pattern here
  12. Five facts...

    I have a drawer full of stuff I've bought from them that I probably will never use. Still, whatever makes you happy i guess
  13. Five facts...

    Oh me too, spend far too much money in them
  14. Another what's for dinner?

    Beans on toast or send out for a takeaway hmmmmmm I'll toss a coin Heads it is, call the China Dragon
  15. Five facts...

    Penguins are cute, but watch them carefully, they huddle together and lampoon the visitors at zoos