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  1. Hello all, I was rereading one of Kinsella's novels and I found myself laughing out loud! Do you recall having done the same yourselves? What about crying sad tears? Can any of you think of any particular Chick Lit book that has generated such strong emotional responses?? For me it's all about reading for pleasure but perhaps crying sad tears is part of the attraction: crying releases tension after all, doesn't it?
  2. I've just finished a big spring clean in my study room which has made me realise how messy I'd let it go; on a more positive note, I managed to get all my chick lit novels together which are now being displayed on my best shelf. I counted 25 so far and was wondering how many the rest of you have gone through. I also noticed that most of them had a '3 for 2' sticker on which means that I just can't resist those bargains in book shops. Are you bookshop junkies like myself? How do you choose your novels, if not? Just wanting to compare notes with the rest of you ...
  3. Another question for the whole community of you chick lit readers out there. When you are reading Chick Lit novels, does it matter to you, and to the quality of your reading, where you actually read them, where you decided to physically place yourselves? There is no way I could be taken away from my favourite chair... it makes me concentrate and somehow enhance the whole experience. Or do you just reserve special occasions for these novels: holidays, weekends off, commuting to work... How is it for you??
  4. A moody question...

    I see. So, Kaz80, maybe you just want a particular ending??? I kind of see what you mean. What about a sense of expectancy to see if the book sort of gets better? Some novels are just slow to get going, aren't they? For instance, do you think that some of Marian Keyes's stuff is just too long??
  5. Hello everybody, Just wanted to ask the rest of you about something that's been bugging me for a while. Do you find yourselves in a particular mood after finishing a Chick Lit novel?? I'm usually quite upbeat and, in fact, feel disappointed if I don't achieve that. What's the general impression on this?
  6. Favourite chick-lit author?

    hello everybody, this is my first post but I am already looking forward to visiting this page regularly to see what chick lit books other people are reading, liking, discussing, hating, etc. Of the names you mention, Sophie Kinsella and Marian Keyes sort of stand out. However, what is everybody-s opinion on how these authors differ from one another ... Would be great to see what you all think. Ta, rmontoro