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  1. Maeve Binchy

    Well, how weird, I've searched and can't find anything.?? So I'll ask here. What's your favourite Maeve Binchy novel? Don't tramp!e me in the stampede!! I've read and loved Whitethorn Woods and the Copper Beech, meaning to read further but you know how it is, loadsa books out there. Now it's time to choose from the ranks again. I feel so at peace reading these novels, as if they're part of me. I'm just dithering about which to carry on with! So Help please! ☺ Happy All.
  2. Charles Dickens

    Oh, refresh yourself with a re-read Chrissy. ☺A familiar story will help get you back into the mood, again. What about Oliver Twist? The story of a lad, but still an eye opening tale of how it really was back then. For Oliver it ended well. He was just one of millions of children left to live or die by their own efforts, though. Times to remember so we never repeat them. Always a favourite of mine, David Copperfield too - great characters there!😀 (Oh crikey - allright, I'll add them on again ) Happy All
  3. Maeve Binchy

    I've got it - the Glass Lake. ☺ That took a bit of sniffing out! Sounds just right, perfect for relaxing into, with a hint of mystery. It's next up, though I'll probably sneak a page or two while I finish my current read. (By the way, I've just noticed your "Book Wyrm" Poppy. I've just finished "Nevernight" by Jay Kristoff (just a little fantasy thing about teenage assassins in training) There's a library, there's bookworms. The books are very safe. The bookworms are monstrous creatures prowling the endless aisles eating unwary humans who cross their paths! You wouldn't go for a mooch around those shelves unless you were bristling with weapons!😁!) Happy All
  4. Charles Dickens

    Yes, I have to say it's one that I found very - with apologies - boring! Whether it was the change of country, the characters, the subject, the executions themselves not a topic for Dickens usual irreverent humour. I couldn't bond with it at all. Even the message of "making a sacrifice for love" had an edge - the most unkind one! Still, there are bound to be one or two out of the choice available which we will dislike. That leaves plenty of Dickens novels to love! Happy All.
  5. Maeve Binchy

    Thanks Athena. The tribulations we bookworms go through dithering over that next choice. I know I'm just marking time, till I zoom in on it Happy All
  6. I've done it again - I've re-bought Brent Weeks Night Angel trilogy! (3rd time now?) I really must keep it this time. I just don't know why I'm so fascinated with the story of this assassin. Should I worry about this trend?? I'm currently reading the Maria Snyder "Poison Study" and already have the rest of the series to follow, snapped up as a Charity shop bargain. Another assassin, female this time. I think my friends are getting a little alarmed, they don't browse among my bookcase as much as they did! ☺ Well, it makes a change from historical novels dunnit? Happy All (and stay alert!)
  7. A Game of Thrones

    There's a lot to handle reading your way through the whole series of "Thrones" so very well done Plot (I hope you don't mind the liberty?) I struggled myself a bit occasionally, and I love history - real or fantasy. In this case the tv series is great, and the actors seem to fit the characters well, but as you say, there are great chunks of story left out, and that's a shame for the reader, and the author who has put years of his life into the series. , I well know it's difficult to let go of old school memories, they haunt us all, but try to keep in mind you're reading voluntarily now, and for entertainment. You won't get detention for putting the book down for a few days. Maybe now you've watched the series you could take a stroll back through the books sometime, feeling on more familiar ground? Read other things in between, and you'll start each one fresh again for the drama! Reading for pleasure is just that - if it isn't relaxing and entertaining, I'd pack it up and move on to the next. Happy All.
  8. Charles Dickens

    Actually, you're not too late finishing "Carol" this week Raven. We had 12th Night on Sunday 6th (Epiphany) and it's the Baptism of the Lord day on the 13th, so actually you were still within the traditional Christmas period.😀 It's only in what we call "real life" that everything disappears with new year. 😕 Yes, give C.C. another read a bit earlier maybe, next year. I read it, or watch at least one of the films every year. Scrooge may be a miser but he's courageous too, and honest enough to acknowledge the worst in himself, and actually do something about it when the Spirits shake him out of his rut. Dickens dropped a hint to his readers through the story for us to care more for each other in life. Like back then, it seems to work mostly in spasms nowadays, too. Happy New Year everyone!
  9. Best vampire stories

    I suppose it's the same with many authors, an initial "rush" then readers get used to the style. It helps to leave a year or two and then have another go, I've often found my interest in certain authors reborn Hence my habit of hoarding books while waiting for the "flow" to return. 😊 Happy All
  10. Best vampire stories

    Ahem!! Who has forgotten Anne Rice then?. Take a hundred lines the whole bunch of you! Have recently had the urge to buy a few of her Vampire books, heaven knows when I'll get to read them, though. Happy Christmas All.
  11. If you enjoy medieval fiction

    If you like historical novels with lots of battles, bloody and violent in 'em, you'll like the series, muggle not. I do like it, but take lengthy rests between books as I get weary of the violence in between the developing story. Happy All.
  12. Violence

    How are you getting on with the Shannara books Kevin? The Book Peop!e have a fantastic offer of 4 trilogies of the series at the mo. I 've had a paddle in the series between a bit of a book and a bit of series one, so I indulged in the first 3 trilogies. Christmas is a time of magic, after all! 😀 Happy All
  13. A Game of Thrones

    My grumble with the price thing is the first part costs what it does and then there's a second part costing more. Frustrating the fans who wait for the second part and probably costing £25-30 for both, expensive for many of us, whether as gifts or a treat for ourselves. The sad fact is in the everyday world, books are luxury items, excepting educational ones. Actually maybe I'm grumbling in the wrong direction here? Shouldn't an authors publishers keep a weather eye on the author and their doings? OK, only part of the blame to Mr. M. then. I can understand an author having trouble with their plot, especially in such a character packed story, with each one determined to go their way despite the word count. That's why it's best not to leave them unattended too long, I bet they resent the restriction of being channelled into a storyline again. It'll be a headache to wrestle that lot back into order. We're all behind you Mr. M. - Happy All.
  14. A Game of Thrones

    Having posted the same grumble in the wrong place, I shall now grumble in a right place about the length of time we are waiting for the GoT series to continue. The years have slipped past, I've gained silver threads among the auburn and creaks in places I don't want them and still we wait. (I wonder what sort of state George Martin is in?!) It's time we at least had a publication date to countdown to. Everyone say Aye!! Next - the 2 part story of the Targareyns. First part to be released on Amazon at over £12 soon. second part probably similar in price next year. Then of course the Starks, the Lannisters ... Prepare to sell your cars people, the Winter of Expense is Coming! In brief, Mr M. stands to make a fortune from his series 'cos as fans we'll pay eventually even if we wait for a price drop. So, wouldn't it be nice if he shared his good fortune with the people who are providing it - and dropped prices a bit for us first? Or am I being too unworldly for even fiction? Happy All
  15. Stephen King

    Oh for heaven's sake! I'm far too young for senior moments! Apologies to Stephen King fans for the brief commercial for Game of Thrones. Thanks for pointing it out Frankie, I clearly hit the wrong title and didn't even notice. Should be more alert to these things really. Happy All
  16. Stephen King

    As far as the Game of Thrones series goes its difficult to choose a favourite, as each one was good as I read it. I think the best though was perhaps the last - and now we have waited year after year after year to find out what's happened to our favourite characters. Frankly it's getting beyond a joke! An author who has made a fortune from his work does owe some loyalty to the fans who have shown loyalty to him, and it's time we had the next book in the series. With due respect Mr. Martin has had a long break' and refreshed himself with other writing. A publication date would at least be something to look forward to. Meanwhile I can't help resenting the total price of the two part story of the Targareyns. Currently the first part is about to be published at over £12 on Amazon. Would be nice as a Christmas present but even if someone would buy me it I wouldn't let 'em. It may be shocking to say it here, but there is a limit to what I'll pay, or allow to be paid, for books which I'm not actually gagging to read. Since part two is likely to be the same price that's an estimated £24 for the history of one family from the saga - how many are there again? I'll wait for a second hand paperback! Am I just being an old grouch? Or one of a growing number? I'm listening ...?! Happy All
  17. Health and Fitness

    Encouraging news to report everyone I've been put on a low dose of daily atorvastatin for the cholesterol issue and, after a blood test was gobsmacked and delighted to have a negative result!I Not only that, my asthma improved too immediately, and I can manage a couple of short slopes locally without puffing, which I did before. How weird and wonderful is that?! I may have to stay on the tablet (One a day) since the situation seems to have come about through family history and age rather than bad diet (said she trying hard not to sound smug!) but it's a small price to pay. I just need to stay aware of what I eat and limit what I now think of as "red zone" eats. Y'know the best bit? As someone who is carrying a bit of extra weight I'm used to doctors assuming that I overeat the bad stuff whatever I say. Vindicated!! No lectures! No disapprovals! The silence was resounding! I love it! Seriously though gang it is worth sticking to your daily routines as we encourage our bodies towards improved fitness. This time I've been lucky but it took years of retraining beforehand to help produce that nil result. Thank you for your encouragement everyone. I needed it, and still need to stay firm on the healthy path. Enjoy your fellow health Nutts
  18. Which classic best to read first? :)

    The trouble with this forum is that I get loads of prompts to get reading and there just aren't enough hours in the day Who wrote the "Turn of the Screw"? It's a good creepy classic. Charles Dickens wrote several spooky Christmas stories though of course "Christmas Carol" is his best known. Kylie mentioned the "Women in White" by Willie Collins, he also wrote the detective novel "The Moonstone" an old favourite of mine. Non creepy, but good! Happy everyone. Add more!
  19. Which classic best to read first? :)

    This topic caught my eye as I pottered about and what a bombshell question! Just as well a list of books was on offer to choose from or war could have broken out everybody has their own favourite, after all. I've read the others on the initial list given in the first post except - The House of Mirth (Edith Wharton) and The Haunted Bookshop (Chris. Morley) It's the time of year for a bit of spookiness folks so has anyone read Haunted Bookshop? Sounds very interesting. Wonder if it applies to our high street bookshops too or just the little poky ones?! Any other suggestions for a good classic for us to enjoy please leave it here. Happy everyone.
  20. Health and Fitness

    Thanks for the information Onion Budgie, I'll look into that. Hopefully I won't find it all too depressing! Thanks everyone else too, the sympathy is much appreciated. Thinking about it, my Mum (and I think my Dad for a while) had to deal with high cholesterol too, Brian, you're right - I've done bit of digging already and it can run in families. Probably through the female side in my case, since my Dad got his in balance, eventually. Oh me, Oh my, getting more mature is a drag sometimes - I'll just have to stay young at heart! Enjoy your fellow Nutts.
  21. Health and Fitness

    Its not FAIR!! I've just come back from a medical this morning and my cholesterol is "a little" high! Me!! Who has been living on little more than fruit, veg and fresh air trying to shift a bit of weight for ages now! My general diet has never been healthier in my life. I walk everywhere I need to go within reasonable walking distance. I do all my own housework (a workout in itself). Where is the Justice?! If anyone knows of any books I can eat which will help the situation - please add them here. Thanks for bearing with the rant, everyone.
  22. ROMANCE!

    I am completely unashamed in starting this topic! If it's sex you're looking for (quite nice in it's place) then this is a non starter, fellow reader. I'm in the mood for a romantic read, and apart from Gone with the Wind, a darn good historical novel and romance, I'm struggling. So - suggestions please. Plenty of smoulder, and a bit of sizzle is fine, but I'm looking for something about a relationship growing to special level as a main theme, historical or modern Ye Gods I've just thought of Barbara Cartland ... somebody help!
  23. This may seem like a bit of an odd topic for a book forum folks, but I do think our valuable National Health Service deserves 3 cheers on its upcoming 70th birthday. We'd be a lot worse off without it! Think of those "historical" novels of life more than 70 years ago - it's really not that far back. People had to pay for the doctor then, and pay for the medicines, regardless of their circumstances. Millions of course couldn't afford it, so had to make do with home remedies, and hope for the best. Life for the general population has improved hugely over the last 70 years, and most people alive nowadays can't remember a time when there wasn't an NHS to support us through our accidents or illnesses. So thank goodness there are those novels and factual books we read to remind us, of what is really an important part of our lives which we should really value more.
  24. Hello!

    Hi Mystique, great to have a new member among us. It takes a bit of time to sniff about the topics and settle in, but we all love reading so there's always something to chat about!
  25. Happy 70th Birthday N.H.S. On 5.7.2018

    Well, I got the date itself off Facebook, and have have heard of other celebration ones on other June\July dates too, but the spirit of my original post remains. All the hospital sagas and midwife novels enjoyed by many and made light of by many more, the historical novels involving the early days of nursing in hospitals or battlefields are history in fiction form. Easier to read, but still true. Stories which carry readers through that dedication to duty, developments in medicine, improvement of conditions, progressing, progressing, and we all benefit from it too! Come on - there must be somebody out there who's got some favourite "reads" to post here? Novels modern or historical, even factual stuff if you like? (Can't promise to read the factual books myself, though! I soak facts up more easily when encased in a fictional novel. Happy reading All!