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      Important Announcement!   07/28/2018

      Dear BCF members,   This forum has been running now for many years, and over that time we have seen many changes. Generalised forums are nowhere near as popular as they once were, and they have been very much taken over by blogs, vlogs and social media discussions. Running a forum well takes money, and a lot of care and attention, as there is so much which goes on behind the scenes to keep things running smoothly.   With all of this in mind, and after discussion within the current moderator team, the decision has been made to close this forum in its current format. I know that this will disappoint a lot of our long term members, but I want to reassure you that it's not a decision which has been taken lightly.    The remaining moderator team have agreed that we do not want to lose everything which is special about our home, and so we are starting a brand new facebook group, so that people can stay in touch, and discussions can continue. We can use it for free and should be easier for us to run (it won't need to be updated or hosted). We know not everyone has FaceBook, but we hope that those of you who are interested will join the group. We will share the link, and send invites as soon as we are ready to go. Added: We may as well get this going, find us here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/195289821332924/   The forum will close to new registrations, but will remain open for some time, to allow people to collect up any information, reading lists etc they need to, and to ensure they have contact details for those they wish to stay in touch with.    The whole team feel sad to say goodbye, but we also feel that it's perhaps time and that it feels like the right choice. We hope we can stay in touch with all of you through our new FaceBook group.   I personally want to thank everyone who has helped me moderate the forum, both in the past and the present, and I also want to thank every single person who has visited, and shared their love of books.. I'm so proud of everything we've achieved, and the home we built.   Please visit the new section in the Lounge section to discuss this further, ask questions etc.


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  1. Health and Fitness

    Thanks for the information Onion Budgie, I'll look into that. Hopefully I won't find it all too depressing! Thanks everyone else too, the sympathy is much appreciated. Thinking about it, my Mum (and I think my Dad for a while) had to deal with high cholesterol too, Brian, you're right - I've done bit of digging already and it can run in families. Probably through the female side in my case, since my Dad got his in balance, eventually. Oh me, Oh my, getting more mature is a drag sometimes - I'll just have to stay young at heart! Enjoy your fellow Nutts.
  2. Health and Fitness

    Its not FAIR!! I've just come back from a medical this morning and my cholesterol is "a little" high! Me!! Who has been living on little more than fruit, veg and fresh air trying to shift a bit of weight for ages now! My general diet has never been healthier in my life. I walk everywhere I need to go within reasonable walking distance. I do all my own housework (a workout in itself). Where is the Justice?! If anyone knows of any books I can eat which will help the situation - please add them here. Thanks for bearing with the rant, everyone.
  3. Hello!

    Hi Mystique, great to have a new member among us. It takes a bit of time to sniff about the topics and settle in, but we all love reading so there's always something to chat about!
  4. Happy 70th Birthday N.H.S. On 5.7.2018

    Well, I got the date itself off Facebook, and have have heard of other celebration ones on other June\July dates too, but the spirit of my original post remains. All the hospital sagas and midwife novels enjoyed by many and made light of by many more, the historical novels involving the early days of nursing in hospitals or battlefields are history in fiction form. Easier to read, but still true. Stories which carry readers through that dedication to duty, developments in medicine, improvement of conditions, progressing, progressing, and we all benefit from it too! Come on - there must be somebody out there who's got some favourite "reads" to post here? Novels modern or historical, even factual stuff if you like? (Can't promise to read the factual books myself, though! I soak facts up more easily when encased in a fictional novel. Happy reading All!
  5. This may seem like a bit of an odd topic for a book forum folks, but I do think our valuable National Health Service deserves 3 cheers on its upcoming 70th birthday. We'd be a lot worse off without it! Think of those "historical" novels of life more than 70 years ago - it's really not that far back. People had to pay for the doctor then, and pay for the medicines, regardless of their circumstances. Millions of course couldn't afford it, so had to make do with home remedies, and hope for the best. Life for the general population has improved hugely over the last 70 years, and most people alive nowadays can't remember a time when there wasn't an NHS to support us through our accidents or illnesses. So thank goodness there are those novels and factual books we read to remind us, of what is really an important part of our lives which we should really value more.

    What did you think of the Tea Planters Wife, Madeline? It's escaped my clutches!

    Anyone tried "The Sapphire Widow" by Dinah Jefferies? Basically speaking, the story of a bereaved wife who finds out her late hubbie had so much more in his life than she thought! All the right ingredients - shock, anger, pathos, surprises, dogs, threats, interfering mother in law(!), increasing relationship with attractive chap, all wrapped up in exotic location. What more does a reader need? (Apart from a comfy chair and a cuppa of course!) I enjoyed it - you might too. Got any suggestions for us other Romantics to try?

    Currently enjoying "Beneath a Burning Sky" by Jenny Ashcroft. Yes, it's got slow burning romance of Olivia, (unfortunately married to utter bleeper Alistair) who bonds with Captain Edward Bertram a lodger in their Alexandrian home. It's the early 1890s so the pair are awfully British and decent about it. Halfway through the book and nothing more than a few conversations and horse riding lessons have taken place. Which is fine, real!y, because there is also a mystery and a kidnapping to be solved, and it's an interesting read, altogether. Yet this kind of book is referred to as "chick lit" in a derogatory fashion. Also in the charity shop where I get a lot of my books not rated highly, as the "men's type" books are on the shelves, while such authors as this are in revolving stands placed at a distance from them, but priced at a pound less for faster sales to the gals!! At least in that we win! Anyway, I've got a few more gathered in - Dinah Jefferies and Julia Grayson to name two, so here's hoping there's a bit of smoulder in them among a good story! Still hoping for suggestions though folks - whack 'em on here, please. A bit of romance helps the world go round. Happy reading to All!
  9. I think I'd like to give the novels a try again before I'd watch a TV series. They usually tend to change or lose a lot of the original story, don't they? Probably won't be much of a problem for me either, as I only get Freeview TV, so it'll probably be about 5 years till I get to actually see it. Bound to have finished the trilogy by then!
  10. I have to admit I'm a bit of a dither about this series, I dived into "A Discovery of W" and if it had stuck with just witches and vampires may have sailed on through with no problems. Then daemons were added, romance came along, a hidden world was revealed - we were asked to accept a lot in the first book. Maybe that was the problem? I know I love the "Twilight" saga so the fantasy angle isn't the issue. The books are long, and while the author deserves credit for the full value she delivers in each, maybe a series of 4 may have helped in the "digestion" process for overwhelmed readers such as myself? As it is I've passed the book on to a pal, but maybe if I spot a copy in a charity shop sometime I'll grab it, and give Diana and Matthew and their adventures another try. Happy All
  11. Read-a-thon 2018

    Jane Eyre again - I think Jane's loveless and bullied childhood, coupled with her own independent nature resulted in her emotional isolation among the people she came to know after she left Gateshead - do we think? Her friendship with Helen on!y happened because Helen was kind to Jane, the first person, apart from Bessie the servant, who ever had been. That kindness prised open the chink Bessie had made in Jane's protective shell, and she knew a short spell of friendship before Helen died and was grieved for. Then we hear of no other friendships. The shell had closed up again (?) and she didn't allow herself another connection. This is borne out with Jane's feelings for the motherly Mrs Fairfax and the "cute" Adele. Experiencing more concern and companionship by one than a governess could usually expect, and admitting the charms of Adele, Jane is still distant in her assessment of her attachment to either. To borrow from a song "Love Hurts" so maybe she's wary of getting too close again? Coming closer to meeting with Rochester - I admired the way Jane set off to walk a couple of hours to Hay to post a letter as dusk was coming on, on a frosty day! Completely contrary to the first sentences of the book. Wouldn't have fancied a country walk at night by starlight myself, but her "restlessness" demanded such measures... and look what happened then!
  12. Read-a-thon 2018

    Moving on with Jane Eyre a bit. I felt she was remarkably ungrateful in landing such a cushy job as Thornfield appeared to be in the first instance. A pleasant senior in Mrs Fairfax, only one manageable pupil, her own comfortable room, 3 square meals a day, plenty of free time, the run of the house ... not bad at all for a first job! Yet she admitted she was restless. Almost as if she was so used to struggling for survival she found the quiet life boring? In her place it wouldn't have bothered me - I'd have dived into Rochester's library and not come up for air till those hoofbeats thundered towards me ...!
  13. Read-a-thon 2018

    Oh let's give the kid a break, she was only 10 after all, and had been driven to revolt through fear and desperation over the bullying of her cousin John. Poor little thing!
  14. Read-a-thon 2018

    Back to Jane Eyre again. What do we think of the "hero" children in this book? Helen, friend of Jane, with her patience and acceptance of suffering, is quite a contrast to Jane herself whose spirited nature helped her survive her awful Aunt and cousins, and will help her through her years at Lowood. On the whole, children were little adults back then. Only the kids of the rich had the luxury of a few years to play, and to enjoy being young. All the others worked in some fashion as soon as they were able! The pupils of the charity school may be seen as "fortunate" to receive an education at all, but life isn't easy for them there. For a child like Jane being submissive, meek and obedient is the challenge. Helen is just the opposite. Which one would survive best out in the world back then though?
  15. Read-a-thon 2018

    I'm happy with Jane Eyre for the Group read. Have done a little already, and it's been ages since I last read it, so it'll be great to discuss it with other members. The lead into the story is always my "unfavourite" bit, as it deals with Jane's unhappy childhood experience in her Aunts house, and that nasty cousin John and his sisters. She was only there because her uncle took her in, and then he died, and left her at the mercy of his wife and family. What a fate! When her Aunt decides she will go to school, Jane is so happy planning all the things she'll do there. Poor little mite - she's got no idea ...