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  1. The Luxe Novels by Anna Godbersen

    Just read Envy and really liked it though I don't see where the novel can go from here as a lot of things seem to have come to a close
  2. I didn't cry at this book though I've never experienced anything similar to this so it may be why I didn't feel a connection with it. I didn't like it :/
  3. Classic book for a 15 year old

    Ah I few people have taken my suggestion definatly read Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte. The Jane Austin novels are also really good though can get slightly repetative.
  4. I agree with what everyone else said I just don't feel that there was enough depth I don't think I'll be buying the others :/
  5. Harry Potter Books by J. K. Rowling

    It could have so worked at Hogwarts they could have looked for the there and gonna on little expiditions to find them. And Snape would have been torturing them for information And then when it all got to much and the DA Harry could gace stayed with them.
  6. Prince Caspian hes my favourite character
  7. Theres a few authors I just can't read like Eion Colfer and Garth Nix I don't know why but they way they write doesent absorb me. J.K. Rowling's style suits me so from the point of view of one person but written kinda third person.
  8. Carol Ann Duffy

    I did them both too for GCSE. My favourite one was 'Havisham'. I didn't really like Great expecatations but after writing 3 pages on the poem last week (I'm doing my GCSE period now) I kinda like it.
  9. Films Of 2009

    Harry Potter!!!!!! Even though they always end up being disappointing I still can't wait for it to come out. A lot of what I wanted to see has already come out (Wolverine, Star Trek, Angels and Deamons) so I'll just wait and see. Last summer had loads of good movies on I went the cinema every week, literally.
  10. Leon Jackson

    I loved Leon when he was on x-factor and have his CD's but I find that all the songs start sounding the same. Its probably just the style.
  11. Eurovision Song Contest 2009!

    Oooo I love eurovision I missed the semi-finals this time, usually I watch them all. My favourite was Portugal it was just a nice happy song. I was surprised at where the UK came.
  12. Lemony Snicket

    I have about three more of these to read. They are good but you just can't read the whole series together they are very repetative.
  13. I loved the first two, the third one is on my to read pile. There really funny and imaginative though not really for my age anymore I still love them.
  14. The Queen and I - Sue Townsend