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  1. I have returned!

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      Welcome back. So have I.


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      I'm back too when time allows me too lol hope you are well Fi xxx

  2. Yes, it's me, don't all fall over Of course I had to return to comment on the soundtrack for BD pt 1, here it is in case you haven't seen it ! The Mia Maestro song (Carmen in the film) is apparently a Spanish version of the Bruno Mars track. So, what do you all think? Not happy about the fact there's no Muse but maybe that's a good thing... Off to catch with what everyone has been reading for the last year "End Tapes" – By The Joy Formidable "Love Will Take You" – By Angus & Julia Stone "It Will Rain" – By Bruno Mars "Turning Page" – By Sleeping At Last "From Now On" – By The Features "A Thousand Years" – By Christina Perri "Neighbors" – By Theophilus London "I Didn’t Mean It" – By The Belle Brigade "Sister Rosetta (2011 Version)" – By Noisettes "Northern Lights" – By Cider Sky "Flightless Bird, American Mouth (Wedding Version)" – By Iron & Wine "Requiem On Water" – By Imperial Mammoth "Cold" – By Aqualung & Lucy Schwartz "Llovera" – By Mia Maestro "Like A Drug (Bonus Track)" – By Hard-Fi
  3. Mockingjay has been out in the UK for nearly a week, I read and devoured it in just over a day There are spoilers everywhere though, so be careful if you've still to read it, I even came across a couple on Facebook!
  4. Charm's Choices ~ 2010

    You've probably already seen this but Lover Unleashed is available for pre-order on Amazon It's due out March 29th and I'm wondering if she's got her first UK trade paperback release as they want £12.99 for it!!!
  5. Charm, read Shiver a.s.a.p. - you will like it! If you don't, feel free to ignore all and any suggestions I ever make CW, I have indeed read Burned and am desperately waiting for the next one - they always do the "this is one of those endings that mean you have to read the next book in the series" ending! I've enjoyed the whole series so far but there have been a couple of books that haven't quite as good as the rest. Still, I shall keep reading them, already have the next 3 preordered
  6. Charm's Choices ~ 2010

    I is saying nothing :ph34r: Charm, I liked the Larissa Ione enough to order books 2, 3 & 4 and to preorder book 5 Hmm, the last 2 Anita Blake books were short compared to the rest - Flirt was tiny at 192 pages, Bullet slightly better at 384 pages. The Merry Gentry books are supes, mainly faeries, half-breeds, hounds of hell etc. etc. but honestly I enjoyed the first couple better than Anita! Don't tell anyone though
  7. Shiver by Maggie Stiefvater

    Yes! Get it sooner rather than later, I'm going nuts having no-one to talk to about it
  8. The 'Eclipse' Film Thread

    And wiped sweat off his face I liked - Jacob - "At least we get to kill some vampires..." Edward - "D**k!"
  9. The 'Eclipse' Film Thread

    What's even funnier is that the guy playing Jane, on the odd occasion when he turned his face the right way, looked spookily like Dakota Fanning
  10. Charm's Choices ~ 2010

    Totally, if you like a bit of smut now & then Oooh, another Kresley fan! Almost enough for a fan club Last one I read was Pleasure Of A Dark Prince and I'm almost certain there's another one due out soonish Have you read Sherrilyn Kenyon's Infinity? It's how Nick gets mixed up with Acheron & the gang but YA so no at all! Only on here, think my friends IRL would disown me if I owned up to reading Kresley Cole!
  11. The 'Eclipse' Film Thread

    I have seen that one! I love their version of the Volturi
  12. Shiver by Maggie Stiefvater

    Now I've had time to think about it more I definitely liked Linger more but there was the odd thing that irritated me and I really didn't like the new main character who was introduced Can't say any more without spoilers though and not going to until other folks have read it!
  13. Current read - The Secret War by M F W Curran For thousands of years a secret war has been fought between Heaven and Hell. Daemons and angels, vampyres and knights, clash for the future of mankind, and as the two sides wage war across the world, innocent people are caught up in the conflict – men like Captain William Saxon and Lieutenant Kieran Harte, two great friends who have recently survived the horrors of the Battle of Waterloo. But now they face a greater struggle, against the daemonic forces of Count Ordrane, and the clandestine ambitions of the Vatican. They must try to survive assassination attempts, political machinations, epic battles on land and sea, and above all the power of a mysterious bronze pyramid – the Scarimadean – that brings everlasting damnation too all who come into contact with it. Their only allies are an old man, a fading secret organisation in the Church, and an enigmatic warrior, who may hold the key not only to the friends’ fates, but to the fate of all mankind . . .
  14. I've completely lost track of what I've mentioned on here and what's in my book journal so starting again Just finished Linger by Maggie Stiefvater which I absolutely loved! The continuing story of Grace & Sam, a new character called Cole (didn't think much of him) and more from Isabel - Jack from Shiver's sister. I can't really say any any more without completely spoiling the story so I'll just say I gave it 5/5 and I am now impatiently waiting for Forever to be released next summer
  15. The 'Eclipse' Film Thread

    You have got to watch this vid on YouTube