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  1. How many so far?

    i have to admit to something that some people will not like i sometimes judge a book by it's cover other times i go by the synopsis and the author
  2. My favourite chair

    yeah i'm the same , it doesn't matter where i read as long as theres enough calm in the room so i can concentrate. i would love my own library with a nice comfy chair.
  3. A moody question...

    unfortunately i haven't read any of Marian Keyes books yet but she is on my very long to read pile, i don't mind a book being long as long as it's a good read. It can be 1000 pages long and i'd still read it if it was an enjoyable book But i think you're right i think i might like a certain ending, especially happy endings but i also like the story to be finished , when i get into a good book i feel like i'm actually there inside it so i like to know how the characters lives will pan out , as if they were my friends. Does that make sense ? I've got so many books that i would like to read that i don't mind putting a book down if i can't get into it, i don't just read the first few pages and think " nothing has happend lets find a quicker book" i tend to know when i'm not going to get into a book because it'll take me about 10 minutes to read 1 page because i keep reading the same line over and over again and then i've forgotten what i've just read . I will look forward to reading Marian Keyes books though as i've heard alot of good comments about her.
  4. A moody question...

    Most of the time when i've just finished a book I'm left thinking - wow I really enjoyed that , I think I'll read another of hers , only a few times I've been left thinking - wow that was good BUT I really hope there's going to be a follow up book because it's left the end wide open and not quite finished. There was one book I really enjoyed and I wanted to know what would happen to the characters of this book, so I sent an email to the author congratulating her on such a brilliant book but whether she was doing a follow up to it and she said that she had no plans to do it but who knows what could happen in the future. I don't think I've been disappointed in a book before because if they're not going anywhere then I just stop reading it and move onto a better one.
  5. i've now finished the chocolate lovers diet which is a follow on to the chocolate lovers club. But what i would like to know is if anyone knows whether theres going to be a third book, the way that book 2 has finished has left plenty of room for a 3rd book and also some unfinished business. i really enjoyed these books (especially as I'm a chocoholic) and i hope that carole is writing book 3 as i type. come on carole get writing
  6. i've just finished reading this book last night and i only started reading it the night before and i was pleasantly surprised. I really enjoyed reading it and i'm looking forward to the follow up book the chocolate lovers diet. :eek2:
  7. James Patterson

    i love the womens murder club books ,i'm only upto the 5th but they are such a fast thrilling read. I like the chapters being short too, you feel like you're getting somewhere. So many times i've picked up a long book with long chapters and i'm constantly looking for the end of it so i can put it down in a decent place and take a break or because it's waffling on for too long in one place. such a great read ! not bothered who does most of the work on the booksas long as they keep producing them of that quality
  8. I love the Agatha Raisin books , i'm only up to the wellspring of death but i'm really enjoying them so far, i'm also hoping that they'll make a tv series out of them like with Hamish Macbeth, i'd like Julie walters to play her or if not Patricia Routledge. But you're right she is very funny and such a loveable character. I recommend MC Beatons other books under her other name Marion Chesney there are 4 books so far in the Edwardian murder mystery, their really good but apparently shes had to put book 5 on hold because of such a high demand for the agatha raisin and hamish macbeth books.
  9. 2 authors I recommend

    well after i've read the rest of Erica James books i have a few authors that i might try like Freya North, Sophie Kinsella, Carol Matthews, Marian Keyes and Cathy Kelly, not sure what any of them are like but i'll give anyone a try , got a long list of authors i'd like to get through (crime/mystery as well) and i like to start from their first book and work my way through. Thoroughly enjoying reading at the moment whilst i have time on my hands, its so much better than whats on telly, and this is a great site with some good ideas.
  10. Sinead Moriarty - i loved her first 3 books, which need to be read in order, the baby trail, a perfect match and from here to maternity. The next one in my sisters shoes was ok and then her new book whose life is it anyway? was really good but i'm hoping there'll be a folllow up to this. Erica James - i've only read her first 5 books but thoroughly enjoyed them all and they are such an easy read but a breath of fresh air needs to be read before time for a change. these are my 2 favourite womens fiction authors , SO FAR!