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I read between between two and five books a week, mainly fiction including some classics, although some science, travel and biography as well. Since joined the forum, I've had my head turned to the world of supernatural vampires, werewolves, zombies and demons, and have been having a blitz on the YA market as well as the more grown up stuff!

My favourite films include Strictly Ballroom, The Philadelphia Story, Now, Voyager, A Room With A View and Amelie. I know these all sound a bit girly, but I do enjoy other types of films as well! I like Mission Impossible, The Bourne Identity, James Bond, Hot Fuzz, Shaun of the Dead, and Best In Show.

My favourite music is jazz, and love Ella Fitzgerald and Claire Martin but listen to a variety including pop, world, rock, indie, latin and classical.

My favourite television programmes are Strictly Come Dancing, MasterChef Australia and Great British Bake Off, but I also love a lot of sitcoms (Friends, Dinnerladies, Spaced, Outnumbered, Home Improvement, Yes Minister, Yes Prime Minister, Frasier, The Good Life, The Book Group, Roseanne, Ever Decreasing Circles), as well as Doctor Who (mainly the Christopher Eccleston/David Tennant/Billie Piper series), Hustle, QI and the River Cottage programmes.

Oh, and in case anyone is wondering … Chesil Beach is one of my favourite places, a beautiful beach stretching along the West Dorset coast in England (I had it before Ian McKewan used it for his novel :irked:  - I'm not a fan of his either, making it doubly annoying :D).