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  1. Noll's 2018 Reads

    Thanks Janet! I think games are something you either grow up with, or don't. I don't really know anyone who's gotten into it if they didn't grow up with it. Thanks Claire! I'm still practising with it... not sure I like the colour in it, so we'll see! I got watercolour pencils to try those and they just soak through the pages too easily so I think it will be either black and white, or simple pencil colouring! Thanks Hayley! I've played 2 - Ark of Napishtim, which I played years ago on PS2 I think, and loved it - because it was short, easy, and a typical hack-and-slash jrpg. Oath In Felghana (review above) proved to be more of the same, so I'm definitely going to play more, as there are several that have been ported (or entirely redone) for the PS Vita
  2. Noll's 2018 Reads

    Ys: Oath In Felghana The graphics are a little hard on the eyes at first as they're quite pixellated, and the boss battles take a bit of getting used to due to the hack-n-slash battle system which has you mashing buttons. I realised early on that as it's a port of an older game onto the PS Vita, that I needed to remap the buttons a little to make them more convenient, and that made a huge differece to gameplay. I played it on easy (one of 5 difficulty modes), as I always do, and I flew through it pretty easily - I only really struggled with finding out the patterns of a couple of bosses, as like Zelda and similar classic games, this one's bosses do have specific patterns they follow while healthy, then change when at half-health etc. The characters were likeable, but not really developed. This is a pretty common thing with classic jrpgs, and given that the game is only about 15 hours long, it's not that surprising. All the same, while it was underdeveloped, there was a good core at the core of the game. All in all, it was a fun game, easy to get through, enjoyable gameplay, a solid enough story for a short game, and quite characteristically Ys. Rating: 4/5
  3. Noll's 2018 Reads

    Also, (copied from What's Up In January): I've started making progress on my one real new year's resolution (is it a resolution if it's not difficult?) which I only realised earlier this week I wanted to do. Based off the extremely popular bullet journals around, my underwhelming experiences with various mindfulness and gratitude journal apps, and my knowledge that gratitude is the one area of mindfulness where I still really fall down, I have invented - the gratitude visual/bullet/sketchnotes journal! Yeah, it's a blend. So basically I'm going to fill a double spread once a week, one page will be a gratitude prompt (one of the best ones I've collected so far is 'where did you rest your head last night?' which got me thinking about warmth, comfort, security, having a partner, having a spare room when one of us is snoring or sick, having a roof over my head, having the money and job security to pay for it, and thinking about the homeless). The other page will be a sketchnotes/visual journal of a few things that week which I am grateful for. So I'll doodle and use doodles to represent these things alongside short descriptions (the 'bullet' element), and thus also work on my drawing skills. I'll be posting pages of it here most likely
  4. Noll's 2018 Reads

    First review of the year. I'm probably going to do relatively short reviews this year, to make them less daunting to keep up with. The Tin Man - Sarah Winman 3/5 I liked this book - more than expected once I got to Michael's section - and while I feel the raw ideas and characters were there, I also felt that I couldn't get at them through the layers of whimsical, fractured prose that seemed more intent on conveying a style than a story. Beautiful writing, it just didn't convey the story very well. It was like looking through a dirty window, trying to get at the full effect but being unable to. It was also too short to adequately tell the story, though I don't think I could have read much more of it in its current style. I'd love to have known more about Dora, Annie, Ellis's childhood, Mabel, Chris's life etc. They're wonderful characters. Also, perhaps due to my own inattention, I was a bit confused for the first while about when people left and came back and left again, but I don't think the time hopping, divided by character, was the best. I might like it more with a second read, which I probably will grant it now that I know how to set my expectations, but I think I would always want more from this book.
  5. Claire's Book List 2018

    Happy reading in 2018!
  6. What's the weather like?

    Dull and misty here. Dry though, and that's what matters.
  7. If you come to the republic telllll meeeeee! (We have a very nice Waterstones in Cork )
  8. I'm reading The Tin Man by Sarah Winman, which has very good reviews. I like it but am not blown away so far.
  9. What Are You Watching Now? - 2018

    We're watching season 4 of The Blacklist, which we're enjoying, and last night we started watching The Sinner on Netflix. It's good so far - I don't think quite worth the rave reviews but I'm really looking forward to finding out what happens.
  10. Black Mirror

    I have yet to watch the new season as my partner isn't really into anything too depressing (even if it is brilliant). I must get back into cross-stitching, as that's when I get my solo watching done! I'm disappointed to hear this season hasn't been as well received.
  11. Chaliepud's Reading 2018

    Happy reading in 2018!
  12. Frankie reads 2018

    Happy reading in 2018 Frankie!
  13. Schultz's Reading Log 2018

    Happy reading, and good luck with the rest of your course also
  14. Happy reading and happy read-a-thon-ing in 2018 Gaia!
  15. Happy reading in 2018!