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  1. Your Book Activity ~ December 2012

    Just finishing World War Z. I Bought The Twelve by Justin Cronin and Jerusalem by Simon Sebag Montefiore at Waterstons this afternoon.
  2. Cosy chair book list 2012

    Thank you, I'm quite excited by them to trying not to rush through my TBR pile and enjoy each book. I've only read the first but it's a good move, they are quick reads too. I would have raced straight onto book 2 and 3 only I didn't realise it was a trilogy, by that point I had started the Ice and fire series.
  3. 50 Shades of Grey

    I think it might be the acceptable erotica theory, everyones talking about its mainstream = social acceptable for those you might never have considered reading erotic fiction before 50 shades of grey. The book covers themselves give no hint of the erotic content too which IMO is what is really driving the sales forward, you don't have to be embarrassed to read it in public. Well unless they guy sitting next to you on the train knows about it, hence why I bought it in ebook format. I was in my local branch of W H Smiths its there No.1 best seller and they had completely sold out.
  4. Cosy chair book list 2012

    I loved the first hunger games book very quick reading due to the break neck speed of the plot, just hope book 2 and 3 are equallygood reads.
  5. Cosy chair book list 2012

    Holding for future post.
  6. Cosy chair book list 2012

    Just finished The hunger games by Suzanne Collins A song of ice and fire; a game of thrones by G R.R. Martin Currently reading A song of ice and fire; A clash of kings G R.R. Martin TBR A song of ice and fire books 3,4 and 5. 50 shades of grey by E.L James Catching fire and the mocking jay by Suzanne Collins The strain by Guillermo del toro One day by David Nicholls The stand by Stephen king The twelve by Justin Cronin * due Oct 2012 2666 by Robert Bolano 1Q84 by Haruki Murakami
  7. What do you avoid?

    I avoid Dean Koontz because I've been waiting for 13 years for the last book in the Christopher Snow trilogy! That and I must admit some of his stuff does come off writing by numbers style.
  8. Cosychair's 2011 Reading List

    Just began reading Searching for Schindler by Thomas Kennelly, it's about the author (Of Schindlers Ark) trying to discover what happened to Schindler after the fall of Hitler.
  9. Cosychair's 2011 Reading List

    Your right it's a pretty long book to struggle along with, it's officially being set aside. If you liked the letters you should love the book aswell, it goes into more detail on some things the letters. I really came to admire their mother in this book and actually felt pretty cross that Nancy and Jessica never really appreciated her. As a whole I really admired the fact that the family have never made any apoligies for their siblings but at the same time don't agree with them, Debo is very upfront and never tries to hide some of her siblings and parents believes, she's really frank about it all.
  10. Cosychair's 2011 Reading List

    I'm about 40 pages into Woolf Hall, while I enjoy the writing style and the gritty portrayal of the time period, it just isn't hooking me in. I don't know if I should plough on or put it to one side for now.
  11. Tunn 300's 2011 Book List

    I read it last week, it was excellent, hope you enjoy. Haven't seen the film yet, is it a fateful version of the book?
  12. Has anyone read...?

    Has Anyone read Theodora by Stella Duffy? I Haven't read anything of hers before but it sounds interesting, just strange that it never made much of an impact on release.
  13. Cosychair's 2011 Reading List

    Water for Elephants by Sara Gruen. I Saw the movie trailer for this novel and was intugied. I absolutely loved it, so atmopsheric and such an interesting subject, a rail road circus. I know some people think the ending was a bit twee but personally I thought it was great, very bitter sweet. The pace of this novel was well done too, it's a short novel and packed with detail (not a word wasted and all of them beautiful) and action yet it never feels rushed, it's simply opening up the scenes and pushing you gentely into obesrving them.
  14. Cosychair's 2011 Reading List

    6 weeks without my laptop meant I read loads, typically without access to my reading list I can't remember them all now! Anyway, the ones I do remember: Smoke and Mirrors by Neil Gaiman, loved creepy strange unsettling short stories. I found the wedding gift one particularly creepy and tragic. The bodies left behind by Jeffrey Deaver was a satisfying read but didn't grip me not really on par with the Lincoln Rhyme series. Wait for me by Deborah Devonshire nee Mitford. I'm fascinated by the Mitford sisters, I particularly enjoyed the first half of the book where deborah gives more detailed account of her side of the family's pre-war history filling out the gaps from Letters between six sisters as that was just the start of their correspondence. The Genesis code by John Case A bit Dan brownesqe (but written a decade before Dan Brown) but the action packed pace kept it enjoyable.
  15. Habeebi's books 2011

    I loved Neverwhere but it is a bit full on in the fantasy side if you've never really read fantasy before. I'd go with The Dark Materials first for an introduction fantasy as the first book isn't too full on and much more of an adventure story.