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  1. Recommendations for me.

    More!! I don't think I'll be reading books, just lists of books. Marvellous, specially as it's cold outside.
  2. Recommendations for me.

    Thank you, Brian. I love a list and a pile, although this does tend to be a understating the case. Lists and piles everywhere is a more accurate description. I've got the book '1001 books to read before you die' but if the lists are different I'm a happy woman.
  3. Recommendations for me.

    Wow, Willoyd! I've just clicked on that and seen hundreds of titles so I don't think I'd ever need another list! I must see how many I've read from your huge range
  4. Recommendations for me.

    Teehee. I know, Willoyd, I'm just greedy. I suppose just the top 10 that people have loved would be a good starting place, but any random thoughts that come to mind help. I'll go and read your blog thread list and thank you very much for answering me.
  5. Hello everybody. I hope you're all well. I was just wondering whether you could recommend some good books for me. They can be old or new, just books that you really love and would recommend to anybody who loves reading. Thank you
  6. I've got '1001 books...' and I tend to see what frame of mind I'm in and read accordingly. I order them from the library or buy them secondhand but I know for a fact that age will catch up with me. I've read a very small fraction of them which is a very small consolation but, as someone who lines the walls with books, I know I'll never read half of what I've already got let alone titles that I don't own. A glorious reading mess and I love it.
  7. Reading Lists

    Again, I'm fascinated by how cleverly you all organize your books and reading. I'm chaotic in comparison.
  8. Reading Lists

    Wow, you're organised, chesilbeach. I'm speechless at all that. Thank you.
  9. Reading Lists

    Thank you Madeleine. I'll have to find LibraryThing for myself.
  10. Reading Lists

    Thank you, Willoyd. Glad there are so many of us addicted
  11. Your Book Activity - February 2018

    I must say I'm not getting very far with it at the moment but I should try a bit harder. Reading a book in school tended to put me off because we had to pull it apart so much and that spoiled the flow of reading for me. Anyway, I'll carry on for a while or hurl it at the cat when she trips me up. Thank you for replying, bobblybear.
  12. Reading Lists

    Hello everybody. Do you have one reading list on which you keep anything at all that you want to read or do you keep several, with whichever types of book included on each one? Not a particularly elegant sentence but you know what I mean
  13. Your Book Activity - February 2018

    I've just tried to compile a proper reading list for myself from the stupidly large piles of reading lists I've managed to scribble out over the years so my first book to read is 'Empire of the Sun' by J G Ballard. I've only read a couple of chapters so I've no idea if I'll like it enough to stay the course but I'd like to try because I'm not getting any younger and the lists are getting longer, they have to be controlled or one of us will die.
  14. Hello from the West Country

    Hello Athena. I read almost anything. I love reading to the point of insanity and I always have about 20 books out of the library at one go, even though I've got hundreds at home. I just love having them around me.
  15. Hello from the West Country

    Hello! I don't know whether I've been on here before or not, so in case I haven't I thought I'd better introduce myself. I'm Claud and I'm really happy to be on here. Hope you're all well and deep in a good book