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  1. Funny story & Joke Corner

    Two monkeys in a bath. One says 'Oooo Aa Aa Oooo Aa' The other replies ' Look, if it's too hot, put some cold in! '
  2. Funny story & Joke Corner

    Bang on, Didn't think it would catch anyone out.
  3. Funny story & Joke Corner

  4. Belle De Jour and Hi

  5. Funny story & Joke Corner

    A little boy asks his dad where poo comes from? Dad explains food passes down the oesophagus, to the stomach where the digestive enzymes induce a probiotic reaction in the alimentary canal to extract protein, before waste products descend via the colon and rectum to emerge as 'poo'. Blimey says his little boy,
  6. Funny story & Joke Corner

    Woman goes into a hairdressers in Newcastle and says i want a perm Alreet pet says the hairdresser I wandad lowenly as a clood
  7. Books that made you cry

    On the flip side. I have cried with laughter. A few by Spike Milligan and The Crow Road by Iain Banks, have had me lol.
  8. Which country are you from?

    It is a great view and we have some great sunsets. But don't be fooled, i live in a street, just lucky to be at the end of it. Sadly there are plans pending for houses right in the foreground of that pic'.
  9. A new first line of current book

    A Fame T-shirt stopped outside the house where Mozart was born. The Liar - Stephen Fry
  10. Finishing a book... starting a new one

    Well i tried yesterday again. Finished a book in the early hours. Fell asleep. Woke up. A wee bit later in the day i tried reading a new book. I couldn't get by the first page, i tried all day. Now this morning, same book, cup of coffee, Two chapters in 15 mins????
  11. Hello from France

    :welcome2:Hello Chimera.
  12. Hello!

    Hello Sean,
  13. Can you finish a book, then start reading another right away? Unless the books are part of a series, i find it difficult to start another straight away. I need at least a day.
  14. The Pearl-fishers by Robin Jenkins.

    I hope you both enjoy. Satisfaction guaranteed or your posts back.
  15. The Pearl-fishers by Robin Jenkins. 2007 Fiction Hi all, first of all I didn’t know where to post this. The Pearl-fishers was first published in 2007. It was published posthumously, as Jenkins died in 2005 aged,92. So in this respect it could be included in the contemporary fiction section, however, I think it is unknown when he wrote it. So purely by what the book is about I have put it here. When beautiful pearl-fisher Effie Williamson arrives in a rural Scottish village with her grandparents and siblings, the residents react in many different ways from hospitable warmth to outright rejection, exacerbated when the religious Gavin Hamilton takes the family into his home ( blurb pasted from Amazon ) Simply excellent. Like all of Jenkins’ books I have read so far, the ease with which they can be read is a treat. Easily could have read this book in an hour. Essentially it is a love story set in the Highlands of Scotland. From the first page I liked the character of Gavin Hamilton. But Jenkins dealt with him quickly and did not overstate his character, for I believe this tale belonged to Effie. With Effie comes the main theme of prejudice. I liked the way Jenkins dealt with the prejudice, giving it from the perspective of the moral majority and from Effie’s views on herself. Jenkins’ character creation is one of his strong points. The characters created in this tale are perfectly crafted. It is simply written and a joy to read. Highly Recommended