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  1. Read-a-thon 2019

    I've just read the above post.
  2. Oh, it was, but it wasn't an invented part of the story.
  3. Novels That Shaped Our World

    Do you know, I completely forgot about this program - haven't watched a single episode! I think I should take a look at iPlayer...
  4. Precisely. I would go as far as to ask how arrogant does a screen writer have to be to completely re-write a story that has been in print and selling well for over a century? In the novel, the invasion is limited to Surrey, London and the surrounding area - there are no cylinders in other countries or other parts of the UK. The book does deal with Man being deposed as the dominate species and the way it is written it is clearly a parallel for the imperial expansion that happened under the British Empire (that wasn't added political correctness, despite what some commenters on social media may have thought). Climate change isn't a theme in the novel, however, and in my opinion it wasn't a good fit for this story (there are other science fiction stories that do climate change much better - The Kraken Wakes, by John Wyndham or The Drowned World, by JG Ballard, for example). If you have not read The War of the Worlds, do so, it is a very well written book!
  5. Having re-watched Triffids this weekend (because I found I could for free on Amazon Prime) I would have to say that now I have seen the whole thing, War of the Worlds (WotW) was the poorer of the two adaptations. Where Triffids was a frenetic mess with a botched ending, it did largely stick to the plot of the book. WotW, for the most part, took elements of the book and worked it into another - inferior - story. I've no idea what the flash-forwards were in the series for, except to add a topical climate change sub-plot, but all they did for me was to remove any tension from the story - they actually managed to make a dull alien invasion story out of one of the best! One of the first comments I read from Peter Harness about the series was about how the story was being reimagined for a contemporary audience (or words to that effect). I had an uneasy feeling about how that was going to play out at the time, but I never expected the level of butchery managed here. At the end of the day I don't think they had the budget to do the story properly and they did what they could with what they had to work with, but overall I wish they hadn't bothered.
  6. Kindle and ebooks deals

    I'm tempted by Velocity Weapon.
  7. Kindle and ebooks deals

    No probs! There wasn't a link from the main page of Orbit's website that I could find, and searching Orbit books on Amazon just threw up everything they have ever published!
  8. Kindle and ebooks deals

    Where is this? I cannot see a way of buying books on Orbit's website.
  9. Kindle and ebooks deals

    For anyone who is interested in science fiction and who hasn't read it yet, the excellent The Player of Games by Iain M Banks is just 99p on the Kindle as part of Amazon's Cyber Monday sale. Also, Arthur C Clarke's Rendezvous with Rama is also the same price.
  10. Rest in Peace

    Clive James It has been a long time coming, but I'm sad to hear that Clive James has died (for those who do not know, he was originally diagnosed with a terminal illness 10 years ago). As a presenter during the 80s and 90s he gave us a unique insight into the world he travelled and also through his Clive James on TV program but, for me, his writing - and in particular his autobiography Falling Towards England - was a joyous read. I'm genuinely sad to see him go.
  11. Kindle and ebooks deals

    Do you have a link? 2001 is 99p on Kindle, but Rosewater is still £6.49! ETA: Ignore the above, it is 99p, I was looking at the paperback price...
  12. Well, two episodes in and I think I'm beginning to spot a trend - they seem to be avoiding effects shots as much as they can get away with, which makes me think they may have had a limited budget. This is supposition on my part of course, but the replacing of the Martian in the first episode with a spinning black orb and the lack of the Thunderchild in the second (amongst other scenes that are missing) makes me think His Dark Materials got all of the BBC's effects wonga. And next week it looks as though we'll be getting turn of the [last] century Alien. *Sigh*
  13. My local Waterstones, despite their not listing it as being in stock on their website!
  14. The latest novel, Lies Sleeping, is now 99p on the Kindle. Managed to pick up Action at a Distance yesterday, will be reading it shortly...
  15. Eleanor Tomlinson's Amy probably is the most interesting character, which is mildly annoying as she wasn't in the book! (coincidently, there is a shot very early on when they do a close up of her smiling and it's been annoying me since I saw it who she reminded me of, but it's just clicked! Karen Gillian playing Amy Pond in Doctor Who has a very similar close up in her first story).