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  1. Rivers of London is once again 99p on Kindle... You will be a fool not to read it!
  2. The Last Film You Saw - 2018

    Spirited Away For the first time in quite a long time, and it's been far too long! I may have to go on a Ghibli retrospective now!
  3. John Wyndham

    Well, I've been putting it off for years, as there is no new content out there to read* but I finally started The Chrysalids this week. I'm now nearly half way through, having done most of that in one sitting, and I don't want this book to end - I've not enjoyed a book this much for ages! *Well, there is some, but it is not supposed to be that great!
  4. Kindle and ebooks deals

    Thanks for that! I've been looking at this series for a while now and wondering if it was worth a punt; downloaded now and I will give it a try!
  5. Raven's Reads

    You won't be missing much!
  6. Two points, though - Firstly, the book in question may be out of copyright (which I don't suspect is the case, but it could be) and secondly, regardless of the above, I don't believe copyright precludes fair use for commentary or review purposes.
  7. Raven's Reads

    That's still on my to-read list!
  8. The Lord of the Rings? Pretty safe content wise, but not a children's book.
  9. The Last Film You Saw - 2018

    I suspect the characters who had less to do in this film will probably have more prominent roles in the next film.
  10. What's Up in May? - 2018

    Ah yes, the one day a year we get to celebrate 5 good films and 4 poor ones!
  11. From Earth to Moon - Jules Verne (Help with this book)

    I am no expert, but the Author's Copyright Edition comment may be significant. I'd suggest Googling that to see what it means. You may have a rare book, or you may not, but that looks encouraging to me! Good luck!
  12. The Last Film You Saw - 2018

    So you're a Steve Rogers fan, I'm guessing?
  13. The Last Film You Saw - 2018

    I thought that was one thing they handled quite well; the characters all got some screen time without any one character dominating.