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  1. Banks, Iain. The Bridge Banks, Iain M. The Algebraist Banks Iain M. Excession Banks Iain M. Feersum Endjinn Banks Iain M. Inversions Banks, Iain M. Look to Windward Banks Iain M. Matter Banks Iain M. The Player of Games Banks Iain M. Use of Weapons I have all of them with the exception of the The Bridge, which isn't one of his science fiction novels (you can tell the difference because his sci-fi novels have an 'M' in the middle of his name). The ones I have highlighted in bold above are the ones I have read. Of the ones I have read The Player of Games is by far my favourite, and I would go as far as to say it is one of the best contemporary science fiction novels I have read. Use of Weapons is also very good, but in a very different way! Oh, and by the way, if you have never read The War of the Worlds, you are in for another treat! (it is far, far better than the dreadful adaptation the BBC foisted upon us last year).
  2. There's quite a lot of science fiction there. If you have not read Iain M. Banks before you are in for a treat!
  3. You are quite right, the body was discovered there, according to Madeleine's review!
  4. They are certainly my favourite series of current novels (and the next one's out in just over a month!)
  5. Calm down, it's just a place where steam engines were put together (they usually have large cranes in their roofs that can lift the body of the loco on and off its wheels).
  6. I think I currently have over 80 books waiting to be read on my Kindle... I did make a bit of a dent in it last year, but have ended up buying more over Christmas.
  7. Raven's Reads

    Long periods of posting no reviews at all tends to help as well.
  8. Raven's Reads

    It's amazing what you can achieve by not reading much or posting very often!
  9. I suspect anyone who has been browsing books in a Waterstones in the last year or so will be familiar with these, but has anyone read any of the books from the British Library Crime Classics series? They are the range of crime novels that have old railway posters on their covers, like this one: I've been tempted by a few of these now, and the Amazon ratings seem good for a lot of them, but I was wondering if anyone here has any first hand experience (and if so, what would you recommend?).
  10. Raven's Reads

    A slow start to the forum's longest running book blog.
  11. Raven's Reads

    Happy New Year to you too! I can recommend his books, or at least the two I have read to date! I've actually gone straight on with Falling Towards England myself.
  12. Kindle and ebooks deals

    The first five Rivers of London books are 99p on the Kindle today.
  13. Happy New Year, all!
  14. Your Book Activity - December 2019

    I didn't get any books for Christmas, but I did get some money, so on Sunday and Today I have spent some time in my local Waterstones and have picked up the following: Wind/Pinball, by Haruki Murakami Mortal Engines, by Stanislaw Lem The Girl Who Could Move Sh*t With Her Mind, by Jackson Ford and The Last Wish, by Andrzej Sapkowski It is the first time I have spent that much money on physical books in a long time! Additionally, I have also picked up the following for 99p each from Amazon for my Kindle: Jane Eyre, by Charlotte Bronte Christmas at Cold Comfort Farm, by Stella Gibbons and A Wizard of Earthsea, by Ursula K. Le Guin So, a bit of reading to do there!