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      Something Wicked This Way Comes...   10/09/2019

      The Autumn Supporter Giveaway!       Welcome to the very first of the seasonal BCF supporter giveaways! This month also marks one year since I took on the forum, so I want to say an extra huge thank you to all of you for keeping this place going. I have a little bit more to say about that later but, for now, let's get to the giveaway!     The Autumn Giveaway winner will be getting two Penguin Little Black Classics, The Tell-Tale Heart by Edgar Allan Poe and To Be Read At Dusk by Charles Dickens. Both of these little books contain three atmospheric short stories, perfect for autumnal evenings. The winner will also get Mary Shelley tea (a lavender and vanilla black tea) from Rosie Lea Tea's Literary Tea Collection (https://www.rosieleatea.co.uk/collections/literary-tea-collection) and a chocolate skull, to really get that spooky atmosphere .   and...   A special treat for a special month. The winner will choose one of the following recent paperback releases from the independent bookshop Big Green Bookshop:       The Wych Elm by Tana French A House of Ghosts by W.C. Ryan Melmoth by Sarah Perry The Familiars by Stacey Halls  The Dark Descent of Elizabeth Frankenstein by Kiersten White   The winner will be chosen via the usual random selection process in one week. Patreon supporters are entered automatically. If you aren't a patreon supporter but you'd like to join in with this giveaway, you can support here: https://www.patreon.com/bookclubforum.   I really hope you're all going to like this introduction to the seasonal giveaways. It's been a lot of fun to put together. Other chocolate skulls may have been harmed during the selection process…     


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  1. Raven's Reads

    Borrowed and watched the BBC version from my Dad over the weekend and although it has dated (in terms of the way it was filmed) it still holds up very well and I enjoyed it more than the film version. Also thumbed through the first few pages of An Honourable Schoolboy in Waterstones at the weekend. Getting very tempted to give that a go. Finished reading the next Philip Marlowe novel in the series last week; The Little Sister - very good! Getting a little despondent that I only have two more Marlowe novels to read...
  2. They are good books.
  3. I'm reading this now, and am in a love / hate relationship with it myself! The idea is a good one, but I'm struggling with the writing. I'm about 15% of the way through, according to my Kindle, and I've lost count of the number of times I've winced! My sister loves them, btw.
  4. Hi!

    I would hate to be an author with that weight of expectation on me. He has no obligation to do anything, and if other things come up that divert him from what fans want, so what? You only have to look through social media to see how fickle fans are; authors should be given room to do their own thing in their own time and to be allowed to enjoy it.
  5. Raven's Reads

    I've not seen him act the role, but from the pictures I've seen of the series he does look more the part. Oldman is a little too... trim?
  6. Raven's Reads

    It's a good book, as is A Murder of Quality. Between these two books and Tinker Tailor Solider Spy, however, le Carré reworked Smiley's time line, so you might notice some discrepancies. I watched the Gary Oldman film last Sunday, and whilst good, it didn't live up to the book. I don't think Oldman was quite the right person to play Smiley, but he did a decent enough job (Cumberbatch definitely wasn't right for Peter Guillam…). I think my Dad has a copy of the BBC Alec Guinness version on DVD. Might have to borrow it sometime!
  7. Raven's Reads

    There are quite a few George Smiley books, but he doesn't always feature prominently in them. He is the main character in the first two novels Call for the Dead and A Murder of Quality (which are set in the early 60s), and the next two - The Spy Who Came in From the Cold and The Looking Glass War - only feature him as a background character. (I've read all of the above with the exception of The Looking Glass War, and enjoyed them all). More here: George Smiley Novels.
  8. Raven's Reads

    Thank you! (I thought it was a little thin!) Tinker is the first book in a series of three called the Karla trilogy (the other two are The Honourable Schoolboy and Smiley's People). I got the latter on Kindle for 99p recently, but didn't buy Schoolboy, which I thought was a standalone novel. Doh!
  9. A good, late, Valentine's for someone.
  10. Kindle and ebooks deals

    All of the Narnia novels are all 99p on Amazon (Kindle) today.
  11. According to Aaronovitch the book is finished, his publishers just wanted a little more time. Release date is 20/02/20.
  12. Bad news, False Values has been pushed back to February 2020!
  13. Now up to a heady 15!
  14. Raven's Reads

    Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy By John le Carré George Smiley has been forced out of the Circus and a new order has taken charge, but when an agent delivers news of a high level mole at the very heart of the organisation, Smiley comes out of retirement to track down the traitor... This is the fourth le Carré novel I've read, and I find myself asking why have I left it so long since the last one? This is a meticulously written story, with an understated delivery that draws the reader in, but I think the thing that makes the book for me is the characters and especially Smiley himself; a flawed man trapped in a train crash of a marriage, but at the same time quietly brilliant when it comes to seeing what is going on in the world around him. A very British hero, in a lot of ways. Highly recommended.
  15. Looks like this is finally going to air this autumn now. From what I've read this had been due to screen last Christmas, but it wasn't ready in time. It got bumped to the spring schedule and then disappeared, but more information about it is surfacing now, along with some show footage.