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  1. It's been a while lovely lady, and as I am off on holiday this week I thought I'd pop in and wish you a Happy Birthday for Wednesday. Have a great day. X

  2. Your first job

    My first job was part time on a Saturday or holidays working in a health food shop when I was 15. There was only me and the owner who worked there, and she was brilliant. It taught me a lot and by the time I was 17 she left me in charge when she wanted time off or was going away on holiday. I loved it!
  3. Butterbeer always sounds delish! Every time a character in a book I'm reading has a coffee, especially something like a latte or mocca, I have to have coffee of some description too. I even try different types as they always sound so good. My latest is the addition of a sugar free caramel shot after reading about it in a book, I didn't even know you could get sugar free shots!
  4. Turned Out Nice Again . . .

    Sun, rain, hail, wind and freezing cold out there. A mix of all of them so far!
  5. What's for Dinner?

    Tonight we'll be having Sweet & Sour turkey with Cous Cous instead of rice ..it's yum!
  6. Hey

    Hey Jenna! Welcome to the forum
  7. Hello from new member

    Welcome to the forum Paul
  8. Remember Me?

    Hey Karen, welcome back!
  9. Revisiting

    Hey Supergran, welcome back
  10. Hi

    Welcome to the forum!
  11. um...Hi

    Hey Sarah, welcome!
  12. Haven't read anything worthwhile in quite a bit. Hoping I get inspired while here
  13. What Was The Last Music You Bought?

    Bahaha! Surprised another fan didn't deck her too! My brother went to see them quite a few years ago now too, wish I could have gone. He said it was brilliant, everyone had a blast!
  14. Turned Out Nice Again . . .

    Oh I'm so pleased he got home safe and sound Chrissy, it sounds as if he had an awful time! Definitely deserves a day at home!
  15. What Was The Last Music You Bought?

    Def Leppard's greatest hits album What can I say? I'm an 80s chick!