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  1. House of Leaves by Mark Z. Danielewski

    I read this a few years back, it was given to me by an ex boyfriend who highly recommended it - IT'S BRILLIANT. As well as being a good story the text adds so much to the suspense, I've only come across one other thing like it, which was a pair of Russian films (Horror / Thrillers - for anyone who likes vampire type things like 'Underworld' you might like these films) which were subtitled but every now & again they would fade or drip down the screen or zoom off to one side, interesting films to watch just for the subtitles! Great book - don't be put off by the fact that it's a brick, I've never seen one standard book size only ones as big as a hardback. Sorry forgot to say the films are called 'Nightwatch' & 'Daywatch'.
  2. The Reader by Bernhard Schlink

    The book is good I read it a few years ago, also saw the film a couple of days ago really good - well worth seeing.
  3. Accents

    I'm from Wigan but don't think I have much of an accent (in that most people need to ask where I come from. I love an Irish accent.......yes yes I know join the queue! and I also really like an east Lancashire accent as in Burnley / Blackburn it's the rrrrr sound - I once went to a football match at Accrington Stanley's ground & fell in love with the announcer's accent!
  4. Stephen King

    I've just read Dreamcatcher which I enjoyed but you're right Michelle earlier ones are better, personal favourites being The Stand / Green Mile / The Shining.
  5. Five facts...

    *stares in shock* I could never do that! The remaining week i do wear sandals but feel sooo vulnerable! Then can't wait to be back in the boots again.
  6. Five facts...

    1 I have a degree in maths (sadly have never used anthing I learnt & now can't remember any of it - was 20 yrs ago though) 2 I can drive a forklift truck 3 I have never placed a bet or bought a lottery ticket 4 I hate shopping (except for books of course!) 5 Never wear make-up & live in army boots for about 11 months & 3 weeks of the year
  7. What magazines do you read?

    Can I be nosy and ask what Broken Pencil is? I read Sight & Sound (film) and The Ecologist
  8. E. F. Benson... Any Luciaphiles out there?

    I read these years ago, borrowed them from a friend who recommended them. Am I right in thinking they were set around Rye which is where his parents were living at the time, they were great to read. Until I read these books EF Benson was better known to me as a ghost story writer.
  9. Do you take notes as you read?

    I always take notes if I'm reading for a book group, quite early on I realised I had a problem with remembering plots with any reliability (same with films - must be something to do with how the brain works 'cos I'm fairly good with facts). And I take notes if I'm reading something factual that I want to just 'remember' and will at a later time probably look up said interesting fact & find out a bit more.
  10. Janet just a bit more encouragement from me... don't give up, I think in a couple of years time when you look back at your list and see a few (many) more filled in you'll think with pride "I've read some books I wouldn't normally have picked up". Maybe there are a few more you can fill in now have you read any Coelho (Brazil), Garcia-Marquez (Columbia??), ROhinton Mistry / Aravind Adiga / Arundati Roy (India), Mgt Atwood (Canada)? Anyway good luck with it.
  11. Aloha!

    Hi ProzacKitteh and welcome
  12. CSI New York *SPOILER ALERT*

    Excellent thats me sorted for tuesday then
  13. CSI New York *SPOILER ALERT*

    I love CSI too (original & NY - never liked Miami though) Gil Grissom is great, anyone know when the original CSI is coming back?
  14. What are Everyone's Favourite Films?

    The Shining Shawshank Sense & Sensibility LOTR trilogy Westerns!! I love westerns... Peckinpah / John Ford / John Sturgis / Clint Eastwood - grew up watching them on saturday mornings mixed in with Laurel & Hardy + Charlie Chaplin films.
  15. Worst ever film from a book?

    Thanks for the link child.of.god I now know that my 'worst film of the year' Elegy was based on a book called 'The dying animal' by Philip Roth