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  1. Hi :)

    Hello I'm new. Well not really new but since its been over 3 years since I last logged in, I'm saying new. Basics...I'm 24, from Newcastle (UK) and fell in love with reading again (lost mojo for many, many months) after getting a Kindle. Best book read recently: The Storyteller by Jodi Picoult. Avatar pic: my favourite book from my childhood, bought again recently and fell in love all over again. So hello It's good to be back.
  2. D'oh - I did Facebook this morning but forgot to say it here... Happy Birthday, Stephanie. x

  3. You're very welcome! Glad you liked it, Merry Christmas! xo

  4. I just wanted to say thank you for the card! It's really pretty and was a bit of a suprise I might add :P Hope you have a fantastic christmas Esther! xx

  5. Never Ending Song Titles (Part 7)

    Walking In Memphis - Marc Cohn
  6. What are you drinking just now?

    Glass of cloudy lemonade
  7. What are you watching now?

    Me too Then next is Vampire Diaries
  8. What are you watching now?

    Everybody Loves Raymond is on in the background
  9. What are you drinking just now?

    When it's this cold that last thing you want is a cold glass of water or pop. Bring on the coffee What is liquorice tea? I've never heard of it but I'm intrigued!
  10. What are you listening to? (part 3)

    Never Forget - Take That
  11. Thank you lovely :) I'm great thanks, bit tired and stressed with uni work but what else is new lol. How about you? How are your gorgeous cats. I run out of time to log on here so I feel like it's ages since I spoke to you :) Hows xmas prep going?


  12. Hi Stephanie, how are you? Love your avatar! :) x

  13. E books / Kindle / Sony Reader

    thanks Michelle. So you can go on any website or is it limited to just amazon to buy the books. Thanks for help, I've read the amazon website and reviews but I'm not very technological and it all goes over my head
  14. The Preference Game (pt2)

    Roses, I much prefer Cadbury's Apples or oranges?
  15. What's for Dinner?

    Spaghetti Bolognese tonight...sometimes I feel like this is all I eat