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  1. Herman Koch

    Herman Koch has written another novel! 😊 I've only just found out so I haven't even googled what the original title is and what the English title might be. Mayor, perhaps? I've reserved a copy 😊
  2. Bullet Journal

    I've found that now that I have a white table, everything looks more beautiful... I had no idea how much I really disliked the dark brown table that I had at the old apartment (it was landlord's). I hated it! Whenever I watched other people's bujos and videos of bujos, everyone had nice tables where they did the bujo stuff and I had a dark brown ugly one. Now that I have a white table, I've noticed what a huge difference it makes to have a table you like!! I've grown tired of my bujo. Not the actual concept or the insides, but the cover. I want to get a new one but that would be really stupid and so I won't. I think I need to decorate the covers. I loved the color of the cover before but now I don't. I'll have to do something about it. Maybe the new table will help. Everything looks nicer with a new table. Innit?? I've started looking at Nuuna notebooks. They look so great! But the dots are closer together than in LT1917. I don't know if I could cope with such small spaces. Also, I was reminded of NaNoWriMo today and people were talking about whether anyone was going to use a bujo for it. What a perfect idea!
  3. It was really, really good, wasn't it?!?! Oh man I loved it 😊
  4. I'm currently reading What's Eating Gilbert Grape. I'm liking it I've seen the movie a whole bunch of times but I never realized it was based on a novel.
  5. Frankie reads 2017

    From 5 full bookcases to one three quarters' full Billy? Yikes!! That's culling in the real sense of the word! Totally! Social media is so much about me-me comments, a forum is more full depth conversations. What would we do if this place wasn't here? It was so amazing indeed! Getting it all in one go! Initially I thought I'll get the bookcases and that's it, because I didn't think I could pick a table without carefully assessing my needs and the tables that were available. But it all came together nicely I woke up feeling so happy! The sun was shining and I knew my books don't have to stay in the boxes for long! It's been so disheartening watching the boxes of books just sit there on the floor. This is the first time in three years that I have my own bookcases again! It's an amazing feeling to be able to choose where to put the bookcase (where previously it was dictated by landlords) and I can choose how many bookcases I want and need, because I have space! I have so much space it's ridiculous I feel so lucky. I almost feel guilty for having so much space! I put up the first Billy just now! It took me 65 minutes It wasn't hard at all to do it alone! But I don't think I would have had the reassurance I could do it on my own had I not put one up with Kylie and known how it worked. The room looks so much nicer now that there's a bookcase!! I'll leave the others for tomorrow, I need to get some dinner and then I want to just relax on the sofa. My sofa!!
  6. Pets - 2017

    I'm sorry to hear about the news, Madeleine!
  7. Alexander's Literary Odyssey 2017

    I wonder why you didn't name the bike Simone Happy riding, Alexander!
  8. Welcome to the forum EmmaWhite! I hope you will have fun with the challenge! Have you counted how many books you've read so far off the list?
  9. Frankie reads 2017

    Do your books fill the two Billy bookcases? I'm still kind of wondering if 3 Billies was exaggerating, but then again, Billies can't fit the bigger books in two rows, so I'm kinda thinking I'll have enough books to fill the three.
  10. I finally finished True Love at the Lonely Hearts Bookshop. What a disappointment.
  11. Frankie reads 2017

    I've had an exciting day! I saw my cousin because we needed to do some stuff together and then I asked him if he'd take me to Ikea some day (soon preferably) as I wanted bookcases. He has a van so that would make it easy. The home delivery would've cost 89 euros... Anyhow, when we'd finished our business, he said why don't we go now. I was thrilled!!! On our way we stopped at a shop that was near Ikea because cousin needed to find a lamp for his work. I bought a reading lamp and also found a ladder I needed to buy. How convenient! Then we went to Ikea and I bought ... three.... Billy bookcases I was first thinking I'd buy a whole other bookcase whose name I can't remember but when I saw it at the store I thought it looked too dark and I realized I need a white bookcase. I thought about buying two but then I thought I would probably need three, and why not get them all now, when there's a van to be used. Then I started thinking I need to buy a table, too, and while we're here, I might take a look at those, too. I found one I liked! I then stumbled upon an office chair that I instantly fell in love with and had to get it as well (I do need one). At that point my cousin found some stuff he needed for work, so I'm very happy that the trip to Ikea was useful for him, too! I then also bought a set of plates that I've been needing and coveting. We came to my place and hauled all the stuff in, and then cousin put up the lamps that have needed being put up. I now have lights in the living room and kitchen!! It was 8 PM by the time we were finished, so cousin had a long day (it all happened after his day at work). I'd treated him to a meal at Ikea and then I gave him some money for all the trouble. I'm just so happy that I now have my bookcases, that I really needed and wanted, and now I also have a table and a chair! And lights!! And it's all the more important because this apartment feels like my first own one. It's not a student apartment, I don't have roommates, and it's not furnished by a landlord. It's my own apartment and now I have my own furniture that I've bought with my own money. I'm so happy and proud!
  12. Frankie reads 2017

    Thank you! I hate it when things escalate sometimes But I also hate it when forums go quiet I think the social media and all those other platforms are taking away from forums I could have, but I would've felt awful about it because I've already been on sick leave for so long, previously, after my three week summer holiday However, I didn't need to get an extension as I started feeling better on Saturday! I went to work this week and I've been just fine. I'm so happy to be myself again! You should write it down on your Bujo so you could celebrate the day! Or are you perhaps all partied out after December It was really worrying but now I'm good again! It was just a resilient flu and the added stress of the move and stuff didn't help it in any way. But I'm good now! It's so sad that forums aren't as active as they used to be I think forums are so much better than all the social media stuff! I'm glad this place hasn't gone anywhere.
  13. Frankie reads 2017

    And why wouldn't you, when your wiki says so! But oddly enough our wiki says the same thing. Lunqvist probably sold it to every other country and laughed all the way to the bank 😀
  14. Frankie reads 2017

    I'll have to come back to the other comments later when I have more time, but for now I need to comment on the Lundia thing. Athena, I told my Boss about out talk about Lundia and how you had discovered that Lundia is a Dutch product. Boss told me that no, it's a Finnish product. I was then really confused, and so was Boss, although she kept insisting that Lundia is Finnish. We did a little digging online... It appears that it was a Swedish man called Harald Lundqvist who came up with the concept of a bookcase you could easily dismantle and move. (The Finnish) Wikipedia then says that Sinituote bought Lundia from Paloheimo in 2004. So according to the Finnish wikipedia, Lundia is now Finnish. Lundia's own Finnish website also boasts of being Finnish and how they only use Finnish wood in their products. So maybe it's a case of different countries using Lundqvist's concept and all of our respective Lundias are domestic as they use wood from their own forests? I don't know. All I know that originally it's a Swedish idea. I don't like it how the Finnish Lundia website is all about Finnishness and domestic this and domestic that.
  15. Frankie reads 2017

    On another note... I've been a member on another online book club for about the same time as I've been on here. It's a Finnish forum and there aren't that many regular members. I'm not there very regularly, I pop in every now and then. Anyways, they have an annual meeting in the fall and I've always wanted to go and meet new bookish people, but I used to live so far away. When I moved to south, I was closer but I've either chickened out or had something else to do. This year, though, the date they settled on works for me and I'm definitely going to go. I don't know any of them personally, so I'm rather nervous, but I'm excited about meeting people who read books etc.!