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  1. I just wanted to post and say, your ^ message has made me seriously consider giving the couch to 5k program a go again. I did have a problem with not having the right gear for it, but now that I've found the stuff, I can actually do it. I've been thinking about it this weekend and I'm going to start next week. Just go with it and see if I'm okay with it. Thank you! And good luck to your own process
  2. Yay, that's so great!! I hope if you order things from them, that the products are great and that you'll be pleased with them (The ones I ordered and already received and tested are from the other company, and not from Swegmark, so I've yet to try their product as well. Fingers crossed!)
  3. That's amazing news, chesil!
  4. No, you didn't say that people shouldn't or can't read books about serial killers in public, but you told me to go out and see what happens when I read a true crime book possibly implying that I will then find out people will judge me because of that. I have read true crime books in public in the past and nothing's happened to me. Sure, that doesn't mean people haven't judged me, because if they do, they are hardly going to say it to my face. My point is, you seem to make the point that people are judged if they read a true crime book in the open, and my point is that personally I don't judge someone for reading about Ian Brady, using your example. This is where our opinions differ and that's fine. I now know who he is. I would've known Myra Hindley by name, but for some reason I didn't remember who her partner was. The reason I asked about him is that I misread a part of your post: "The infamous serial killer Ian Brady died recently, read a book about The Moors Murders in public and see the responses you will get from people." I misread the word 'read' and thought you meant past tense, and therefore I thought Ian Brady was reading a true crime book in public and got into trouble. I got it all mixed up like that because we were talking about people reading true crime in public. My question was simply out of curiosity. I never said books and readers are exempt from any judgement by everyone in the world. This thread however is about books and readers and therefore I'm sticking to the topic of books and readers, and my personal opinion was that I don't judge people based on what they read. I'm talking of my own personal opinion. All in all, we just have to agree to disagree.
  5. Fair enough, s/he used the judgement angle, I said 'assumption'. It doesn't change the point I was making. I didn't contest Brady being a good example, nor did I say he was a bad example! I only asked what the example was for. Ian Brady is not a household name over here so pardon my ignorance. I'm not UK based so I don't know all UK based serial killers. And like I said, I read from David Jame's post that Brady was reading a serial killer book in public. That's because 'read' as in present tense is spelled the same as 'read' in past tense.
  6. I wasn't talking about judgements per se, I was talking about how I took David James's words to mean that s/he thinks we make the same assumptions about people. That's what I was talking about. You make fair points, and I do make judgements about people based on this and that, but what I do not like is that I'm supposed to make the same assumptions about people as some other people are. I only made my comment regarding literature, and nothing else, and I'd prefer it if you didn't make overgeneralizations based on that. The reason why I asked is because one who didn't know who Ian Brady was could've gathered from David James's post that Ian Brady is an example of someone who is reading a serial killer book in public and getting into trouble because of it.
  7. Is it good to be back after 4 years? I'm happy to hear you were positively riveted! I miss writing letters and receiving them. Proper ones, I mean. Those were the days! I can't believe she kept Thoby 'alive' for three weeks after his death. What a good friend she was being, but like you say, it's must've been horrible on her own good self, and so maybe she shouldn't have done it.
  8. Bloomsbury's wherever you go... You can't hide from it! The book I previously read was actually set in Bloomsbury or very near at least. It was called The Little Bookshop of Lonely Hearts, by Annie Darling. I won't recommend it to you because I didn't think it was all that marvellous even though it was a nice enough read, but I do want to mention that when the main character was talking about her childhood favorites, she mentioned Malory Towers a few times
  9. Swegmark is one of the two places I found, and I think they would deliver to the Netherlands, too (it's a Swedish brand)? At least they deliver to Finland. I mean in case you want to check their website out
  10. That's definitely true. I've already planned somethings for the new bujo and won't incorporate things that didn't work for me in this current bujo, or things that I just didn't like in the end.
  11. Okay so basically no matter what we say to the contrary, you will not believe it and will disagree. Okay, fair enough. And what makes you think I've not read true crime book in public, without having any problems? I have, and I will. Edit: I'm not sure how Ian Brady's death relates to this particular issue?
  12. I don't think it's fair to assume we all make the same assumptions about people. I read books about serial killers, and if I saw someone read a book on the topic in public, I would think to myself, "There's a person who likes a bit of true crime, like me. I wonder if s/he's read x book that I liked better than the one s/he's reading".