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  1. I've only just read about your flu and infections ordeal, I'm sorry to hear you've been so poorly! I read in a later post that you've started feeling a lot better. Are you fully recovered by now?
  2. Bobblybear's Book List - 2017

    I'm so glad I read your review! This book has been on a reading list I'm following for years and years and for some reason I've grown sick of the title and thought I'd never read the book Not even knowing what the book is about... I think I'm confusing it with some other novel. In any case, I've read your thoughts on it and now I know what the book is actually about so now I'm eager to read it! Yay! I'm super happy you enjoyed it so much!!
  3. I searched the forum for a topic on Peyton Place but couldn't find one. I did, however, find a lot of posts where people mentioned reading the book I read the book some many years ago, and really enjoyed it! I think I wasn't too impressed by the book in the start, but it got better and better. I could've kept on reading! I'm not sure why I didn't read the subsequent novels then. I've thought about re-reading the first book and then reading the sequels. When I was googling the whole Peyton Place thing, I stumbled upon a related book by Barbara Delinsky, called Looking for Peyton Place. I'm kind of keen on reading this one, as well Any Peyton Place fans? I wonder if the TV series would be great to watch. Although I'm not sure where one might catch it...
  4. Sophie Kinsella

    When I read your reply and then re-read my initial post, I couldn't believe my eyes and that I'd called it non-fiction
  5. What's the weather like?

    I'm sorry to hear you've been suffering, too!
  6. Sophie Kinsella

    I totally meant fiction! I think I was trying to say non-non-fiction book I mean, I was trying to stress that it wasn't non-fiction, as I have read English non-fiction in the past few months, whereas I haven't read any fiction in English. I hope you will enjoy the book!
  7. I've read about 150 pages now and I'm enjoying it! I hope it gets a bit deeper though, at some point. And look, I said non-fiction again, re: the Kinsella book I meant my first non- non-fiction book Supporting libraries is very important, I'm with your sister-in-law Do join!!
  8. Kylie, could it be an episode where Rory's
  9. What's the weather like?

    Pollen is so very annoying! It's crazy this year: people who have had no symptoms before, have had them this year. And as an allergic person, I've taken my meds as a good girl and the previous years they've worked like a charm, but this year being as bad as it is, even I have been suffering!
  10. Live Music

    I've just bought tickets to see The Posies! I loved their first album when I was a teenager, but never got to listen to their subsequent albums. I found out they are coming over to Finland on their 30th anniversary tour and now I've been listening to their other albums, too! I'm very excited!
  11. What's the weather like?

    It's been unseasonably hot over here in Finland over the past three or so weeks, it's been record-breaking! I wish it rained, because pollen is a b*tch. It's not rained in I don't know how long! And it was reported that hedgehogs and little birdies are suffering because it's too hot
  12. It's great to see you guys going through your lists and telling us how you've made progress on your lists! Onion Budgie, I'm especially happy to see that one of your TBR authors has become one of your favorite authors! Imagine that! At the same time, I'm sad to say I've not read any of the authors I've mentioned in my list!
  13. Hey everyone, what's your bookish activity today? I'm currently reading Surprise Me by Sophie Kinsella - the first English non-fiction book in months! I'm enjoying it
  14. What Are You Watching Now? - 2018

    This is re: the Kimmy Schmidt show. I started watching it, because of 'Erin', obviously But it was went so overboard in my opinion... It was so cooky!! I tried watching it again, recently, and it didn't stick. Too bad! I really like Ellie Kemper, but the Kimmy thing was a bit too much for me! I hope you might like it, though!! Is it just as good as it was before? I'm still so happy you started watching it and that you liked it so much!! I watched the finale episode this week and I'm so sad that it's over Oooh! I think Kylie told me about this book and the real events! I want to read the book! I started it one time ages ago but there were so many characters I got confused and put the book down. I wonder if I should try and watch the TV series instead, if I get the opportunity. I'm so happy you're enjoying it! I've not watched it, I'm at a place in life where I don't want to watch this kind of stuff as it's too depressing, but maybe at a later time! I'm now on the third season of GoT, we'll be watching some eps tomorrow with BF. I don't think I have any other series hanging at the moment