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  1. Frankie reads 2018

    Exactly! On another note, I've done a massive cull on my wishlist (fiction). I've had the wishlist for so long and I couldn't say what most of the books on it were about and where I'd gotten the idea to read them. I saved the full list on my computer and then did the cull on the list on the first page of this thread. It's so short, it's refreshing I'm going to do the same with my non-fiction wishlist.
  2. Alain de Botton

    Status Anxiety sounds really intriguing, I'm adding it to my wishlist!
  3. What Are You Watching Now? - 2018

    I'm still watching Vanity Fair, there's only one episode left. Has anyone watched Capital? I've watched the first episode, and I'm intrigued! I know it's based on a novel which is on my wishlist... I wonder if bobblybear has watched it, as she read the book?
  4. Sorry you didn't like Dreamcatcher! I've never even tried reading it, the synopsis has never appealed to me. I actually had to google what the book is about. I found something interesting on Wikipedia: "The book, written in cursive, helped the author recuperate from a 1999 car accident, and was completed in half a year. According to the author in his afterword, the working title was Cancer.[1] His wife, Tabitha King, persuaded him to change the title. A film adaptation was released in 2003. In 2014, King told Rolling Stone that "I don't like Dreamcatcher very much," and stated that the book was written under the influence of Oxycontin.[2] So don't feel bad about not liking the book, King doesn't like it either
  5. It was a bit of a disappointment, I have to say. I really loved the first half of the book but then things took a turn that I personally wasn't too keen on. I did like the book but found it lacking. It's nothing compared to Big Little Lies which is my favorite. Maybe others will enjoy / will have enjoyed it more! Edit: I forgot to say, I'm currently reading The Rise and Fall of Becky Sharp by Sarra Manning.
  6. Frankie reads 2018

    I've been busy with stuff, so haven't been on here for a few weeks or so. The way I go about things is I click on unread content and read the new posts people have written after my last visit. I was going to do the same today, as I have plenty of free time on my hands, but I accidentally marked the whole forum read, when I was supposed to mark the games and quizzes section to be read. Now there's all sorts of new stuff in all different threads and I will never know any of that!! Why am I such a klutz! I had really looked forward to getting into the unread content! Edit: Haha, I figured a way! I went and asked the forum to show me all content (that I'd 'read') in the past x days and now I can view all threads that have had activity since I've been gone!
  7. Frankie reads 2018

    Thank you muggle not! And I'm sorry for not having responded to this earlier! I think finding out that the forum would shut down made me a little sad (well, obviously) and I kept coming on here regularly when it was still up and running before things took another turn. No, you didn't miss them! The thing is, I had a copy of Cannery Row which also included Sweet Thursday. I really liked Cannery Row, but for some reason I didn't move on to ST straight after that. Then I gave the copy away because it was a secondhand book and in Finnish and I thought I'd rather re-read CR in English first and then move on to ST after that, in the original language. But I never got around to it! I have been intending to read Tortilla Flats, as well, but I haven't gotten around to that, either! I think the biggest problem is that I don't read that many classics these days, I feel like they are too difficult for me at the moment. I fear that my brain can't take it. But maybe I'm overly cautious and should just trust my brain... Edit: I was watching the Finnish version of Who Wants to Be a Millionaire a week ago, and one of the questions was, 'Who wrote The Grapes of Wrath?'. I don't expect everyone to know the answer, but the contestant had a master's degree and had studied literature, so I fully expected him to know the stuff! He went with William Faulkner I've been meaning to read The Road, it's been on my mental wishlist for some years, but in the past years I've started to avoid books that deal with terminal illnesses and doom and gloom because they make me too sad You are welcome to recommend something else by Cormac McCarthy, though! That's amazing! It must be thrilling to be able to visit places you've read about in classic books, it will give you a better perspective!
  8. Hi :)

    Hello and welcome to the forum!
  9. I finished Nine Perfect Strangers by Liane Moriarty yesterday. Today I got The Rise and Fall of Becky Sharp from the library, I think I will read it next!
  10. What Are You Watching Now? - 2018

    At the moment, The Wall (Finnish edition). As for series I'm watching, I will mention Vanity Fair which I'm absolutely loving, Relationship Status, The Real Housewives of New York City.
  11. Stephen King

    Oh dear, I think you meant to post this in some other thread? As for the actual post, I've heard others complain about the same thing, i.e. Martin needing to get a move on with the books! There was, however, a post on imgur or some such place where they had counted how long it had taken other authors to finish their series and so on and they claimed that Martin wasn't taking any longer than other authors of similar series and genres. Personally, I don't know! I haven't started the first book yet. I'm eagerly waiting to see the final season on TV!!!
  12. Which classic best to read first? :)

    I can't say that I've read The Haunted Bookshop, I'm afraid! Thinking about spooky classics now... Dracula by Bram Stoker. Hm, is that all I can think of? I've not read a single classic in ages, which is very bad of me!
  13. I agree with muggle not, I really enjoyed The Graveyeard Book, too! And of course the Jack Vance books must be vodkafan's influence
  14. Hi all, been away, now I'm back

    Welcome back, Cabrasopa!
  15. You've read a huge amount of books, Brian! Well done! I'm most happy about you having read and loved Dracula! It was on my TBR list for a long time, too, but I thought I'd not get on with it at all... and was surprised how much I loved it! A definite 5/5 and a must re-read at some point