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  1. The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao by Junot Diaz

    I wasn't too fussed about the geeky references although the Spanish was a pain. I don't think you are missing anything though, it's just a dull book.
  2. Amazon staff punished for being ill

    That it's perfectly legal surely makes it a non-issue.
  3. *waves*

    wow!! 3 whole pages of hellos. That feels wonderful. Sorry i never got back sooner. Had things to do. isn't it always the case? Now to have a look around properly. Thanks all for being so nice.
  4. *waves*

    I finally found the intro section, finally. Some reader I am. My name is Carmen and I live in Scotland with my hubby, dogs, and my son Alex, the last to leave the house. One day he'll have to go, ha. I've been reading for years on and off but have been finding myself more and more caught up in books even if I do read slow. My fave is got to be The Alchemist by Coelho, a writer from Brazil. If you read him you would know why, he's just amazing and knows so much about life and dreams. My book at the mo is Johnathan Strange and Mr Norrell. Not to far in, but just past a bit with statues coming to life. Had me on the edge of the seat sort of. Glad to find this place. And I like the little smiles too. Found one of me Me in the bath. Now wheres my book?