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  1. Just started reading Lucy Moore's 'Anything Goes'- a biography of the Roaring Twenties. Great readable style- think I'm gonna enjoy this...
  2. Three Weeks To Say Goodbye by C.J. Box

    Pretty much in agreement with Michelle on this one. I had to read this for a publisher and once I got over the obvious comparisons to Linwood Barclay/ Harlan Coben this was a pretty good read. Plenty of twists and turns and a good pacey plot...
  3. Your surprise book of 2009

    As part of my job I read my way through many many proofs but there's been three stand-out novels this year.... Serena by Ron Rash- a dark Shakespearean-esque tale set in a logging camp in 1920's America. Go With Me by Castle Freeman- a writer who is fit to shine Cormac McCarthy's shoes and whose use of quickfire dialogue is just stunning... All The Living by C. E. Morgan- a beautifully paced and poignant debut from a debut novelist whose description and characterisation will leave you breathless...
  4. Hello from Hastings

    Hello and welcome to the forum:D
  5. Hi everyone

    Hello and welcome to the forum:D
  6. Hello!

    A big hello and welcome to the forum:D
  7. Hello from Bedfordshire

    Greetings my friend and welcome:D
  8. Valerio Massimo Manfredi

    I've read four of the Roman ones- 'The Last Legion', 'The Lost Army', 'The Tower' and 'The Ides of March' and it's not imperative to read any of these in order as they all work as stand-alones. Great writer with brilliant attention to historical detail- can highly recommend!
  9. Just finished 'Tethered' by Amy McKinnon- kind of like 'Six Feet Under' without the laughs! Read the first couple of chapters of 'The Holy Thief' by William Ryan- a murder mystery set in Russia in 1936 at the start of Stalin's 'Great Terror'...
  10. Strictly Come Dancing

    Yep- agree completely, it would have been tons better with everyone doing the Charleston and as much as I love Natalie for her gung-ho attitude and sheer enthusiasm her time was up. Was hoping for a few more collisions in the Viennese Waltz but you can't have everything:lol:
  11. The last DVD you watched? (Cont..)

    Just watched the last ever episode of the truly superb 'The Shield'- am now bereft...As a complete contrast and although one of my pet hates is 'Golden Age' cosy crime I've just bought 'The Mrs Bradley Mysteries' for a song. Seem to remember that this was really good with the wonderful Diana Rigg..hope it's as good as I remember! Will unleash my hidden flapper:lol:
  12. Thanks Anika- happy to help! And yes, 'The Glass of Time' is a great read as well:D
  13. Finished 'The Missing' by Jane Casey- a hybrid of Sophie Hannah and Kate Atkinson which although not bad needs a bit of editing. Gonna start the new Henning Mankell 'The Man From Beijing'-whoopee:D
  14. Contemporary American Authors

    In no particular order as they are all purely brilliant... Denis Johnson Cormac McCarthy Ron Rash Dennis Lehane James Lee Burke Willy Valutin Mark Poirier Leif Enger
  15. You could try.... 'The Incendiary's Tale'-James McCreet 'The Alchemy of Murder'- Carol McCleary 'Walking In Pimlico'- Ann Featherstone 'The Secrets of the Lazarus Club'- Tony Pollard 'Lady Audley's Secret'- Mary Elizabeth Braddon 'Wylder's Hand' - Sheridan Le Fanu Andrew Pepper's Pyke mystery series David Pirie's series featuring Arthur Conan Doyle Any by Lee or L.M Jackson who also has the finest Victorian website on the web... Also can highly recommend two 'fiction' books in a similar vein to 'Kept'- Michel Faber's 'The Crimson Petal and The White' and Michael Cox' 'The Meaning of Night' both brilliantly written with elements of mystery and intrigue... Enjoy!