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  1. *pulls up comfy chair*

    600 books!!! *faints* - I think my husband would have spontaneously combusted with rage at that amount. LOL.
  2. *pulls up comfy chair*

    Yo-Yo-MoFo *does rap fingers* *crosses arms over chest* *looks moody and menacing* :)
  3. *pulls up comfy chair*

    It's bad at weekends or when I am off work. I can usually control it during the week by not taking my debit card with me, and sitting in the car reading at lunchtime, but the bug bites me when I have to go into town with a debit card and I lose any form of self-control...and supermarkets selling books too - how am I meant to cope!!
  4. *pulls up comfy chair*

    I don't have any particular favourites - Jodi Picoult is always a good bet for an excellent read as is Jefferey Deaver. I like thrillers and fluffy chick-lit type books, things I don't have to think about too much. I also like autobiographies and true life stories, but not really ones that dwell on abused children, for example, I have never fancied reading 'a boy called it' but I enjoyed 'just a boy' by Richard McCann. Oh - and I also prefer my chick-lit books to be set in England (just a foible of mine)
  5. *pulls up comfy chair*

    Hello there. I'm a newbie, as you may tell from my post count. If anyone is a member on Read it Swap It, they may know me from there. I found this website by typing "book forum" into Google, and this looked like one of the best and easiest to navigate and friendliest (can I stop creeping yet?) I am 32, mum to 2 boys, work full time, spend too much money on clothes and my hobby is trawling car boot sales and charity shops and buying books (and reading them of course). At the end of May I decided I'd had enough of books cluttering up the house and I had 400 on a TBR pile, so I gave them all away to a Girl Guides group for their coffee morning to sell to raise funds....then three months later I appear to have accumulated another sixty (gulp). Currently trying to read at the moment: Blue Diary by Alice Hoffman, but it's not very exciting. I should be ploughing my way through it in order to start something good soon, instead of being on here, meeting new people...