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  1. All new What's for dinner?

    An Indian curry type dish. Red chilli, garlic, tomatoes, Chicken and lots of Cinnamon and Ginger. Then some lovely coconut milk put in it. Served with rice. om nom nom
  2. Susan Boyle / Britain's Got Talent

    As far as I'm aware, Susan Boyle has mild Learning Difficulties. Although I may be wrong, this might explain some of the difficulties she is having coping with the changes in her life. I don't believe for one moment she expected to do that well and achieve that level of fame. I think she's been exploited to a degree by the BGT people. I just hope the press will treat her fairly and compassionately now she has been treated for 'exhaustion'.
  3. Although technically he's a journalist, I would choose Charlie Brooker. He's a Guardian columnist who writes on TV, has written books and presents screenwipe. He's so intelligent, satirical and funny. And he needs cheering up cos he seems like a right grumpy-pants at times!
  4. Nice to see you again. :)

  5. hello again!

    I haven't posted for nearly a year. I've had a bit of a bumpy ride lately and I guess that's why I haven't been around. Anyway, hello again people. I'm looking forward to posting again and keeping up with book related stuff.
  6. Vampire Apocalypse by Derek Gunn

    I might just have to check these books out...real vampires don't sparkle
  7. Book Related Careers

    Scarlette, you do need a degree to be an actual 'Librarian' but not just for a job in a library. I think to be a library assistant just a generally good level of education is okay, or possibly a City and Guilds qualification in Library and Information studies. It's worth contacting your local council and see if they have any openings for library assistants.
  8. What do you want on the shelves?

    I'd rather like to see some intelligent women's fiction. And some that is realistic. We don't all work in the media and obsess over losing weight and sleeping with men.
  9. Hey, how are you?


    I've almost finished short cuts, just one more story to go. I've enjoyed them. I don't quite 'get' all of them, but I've really enjoyed the writing. They grew on me the more of them I read. I think they're the kind of stories that are about the journey rather than the destination.


    Hope you're well x

  10. Nicnic's reading list

    Bad girl! I haven't updated my thread, but tried to keep a list of what I've been reading..I've missed a few out but here goes. Microserfs - Douglas Coupland 10/10 The God Delusion - Richard Dawkins 7/10 Anticlimax - Sheila Jeffreys 5/10 Us - Richard Mason 7/10 The Lieutenant's Lover - Harry Bingham 7/10 Flight from Deathrow - Harry Hill 6/10 First Love, Last Rites - Ian McEwan 6/10 The Cement Garden - Ian McEwan is my current read, or more correctly, re-read. I always feel in two minds with McEwan books apart from this one, which I love.
  11. Destroyed - Jayne Sterne

    I am interested in this, but simply because I have the same surname as the writer and apparently it is pretty rare. Yay, another author with my surname. (the first being the wonderful Laurence Sterne!!)
  12. On Chesil Beach by Ian McEwan

    I loved this book. I know it doesn't take long to read, but for me the form suits the story of it. It takes place over the course of one evening, and if they did choose to make it longer, I do believe it would drag. It's short and intense in my opinion, like the evening in question. My opinion is a bit of a spoiler...so hidden!
  13. Nicnic's reading list

    This is the second time I've read an Ali Smith book and been left scratching my head. I've just read a book of short stories called Other Stories and other stories. I will read this one a second time around, if only just to take in what is going on in this collection of odd short stories. I did find some of the stories rather boring, and slightly pointless. Now reading a book called Straight Sex - the Politics of Pleasure. Not rude or erotic, but about sexual politics.
  14. Nicnic's reading list

    Yay, that laptop is fixed and back home with me where it belongs. I'm determined not to give up on listing all the books I've read so here goes...marks out of 10 rather than a review style thing...normal service, however, will resume Wicked - Gregory Maguire 6/10 The Virgin Suicides - Jeffery Eugenides 10/10 Hey Nostradamus - Douglas Coupland 8/10 Girlfriend in a Coma - Douglas Coupland 10/10 My Booky Wook - Russell Brand 8/10 Generation X - Douglas Coupland 7/10 Taming the Beast - Emily Maguire 8/10