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  1. Sorry, I've been busy. And waiting for the few others to catch up (hint, hint)... *laughs* Few more questions to ponder: a) What was Hattie and Min's relationship like? What about the other sibling pair, Logan and Thebes? c) Why is it important that Hattie and Min's dad was dead, or was it? What about the events surrounding his death? Why do you think Toews went with that line of story?
  2. *laughs* It's a quick read, Nollaig, I'm sure you'll be able to catch up with us. And that's just one aspect of the story! We haven't even gotten into the whole "husband leaving wife with mental illness" bit, for example.
  3. Personally, I don't know what I'd do. I'd probably try to pick the less bad of two very bad options. Which is, in my view, what Hattie did. Anyways, anyone else read the book yet? Kylie? Fi? Katrina?
  4. Called the police? When you're in the country under false pretence, with kids that aren't yours, their mother in a mental ward and with child services on your back over back home? They would have changed her with kidnapping! Hatty was thrown into a difficult situation out of the blue, and she did what she thought was best for them all. As for leaving a 11-year-old all alone, especially at home? Phlese! An 11-year-old is perfectly capable of spending a few hours on their own, as long as they have rules and easy access to help. Besides, Thebes had already shown herself to be mature for her age (albeit she shouldn't have had to! That's obvious.) and Hatty left a note saying she'll be right back. There's taking care of the kids and then there's smothering.
  5. I was thinking of "saving" Hattie and Min's relationship till later, because it's just a complicated issue. So I won't get into that now. You keep pointing out Hatties mistakes. Aren't they mostly just human? I mean, yes, leaving a 11-year-old in a motel room alone is bad, but so is having a teenager wondering around a strange town in the middle of the night. Hattie was doing the best she could under a very complex situation. What would you have done? Left Logan wondering around? I appreciate the difficult situation Hattie's in in relation to the kids. It's clear from the book that when Min's been okay, she's been a great mom. So Hattie's been left with the role of the cool aunt, the friend of the kids. So when she's suddenly supposed to be the parent, she realises she doesn't really have a leg to stand on when it comes to authority. She needs to find some other way of interacting with the kinds than the "because I tell you to" line. The one thing that's very much Toews' style, is that the characters in her books are always far from perfect, in a very human way. Their faults aren't obvious, they don't revel in them, but they are human after all. They make mistakes, they feel emotions and they hurt. They aren't always rational (in A Boy of Good Breading the guy was convinced that the Prime Minister of Canada is his dad, and thus was absolutely obsessed with keeping their town at the very limit of the town limit, as the PM had promised to visit the smallest town in Canada on Canada Day. Not exactly rational, but very human.) but they are usually understandable. Okay, here's one for all of you again: What do you think the "flying" refers to in the title? Why are they the Flying Troutmans?
  6. But maybe the journey can be thought of as a symbol for them finding themselves and each other? So maybe it's not so much about the geocraphical travel, but the one they need to make as people to grow into who they're supposed to be? Maybe they're not searching the kids' dad so much as themselves? Which could not have been done had they stayed at home, no?
  7. Aww, guys, I was counting on you. Especially now that Kell hated it. *laughs* No no, it's all perfectly understandable. I hope things calm down for you. (haha, I know, they probably won't. I know my schedule won't.) I need to browse through it, as I read it rather early in November, to get the smaller details recalled again.
  8. Wow, Kell. That's really a strong reaction! I'm impressed, as it's rare I've come across a book that made me feel so strongly. And of course a little bit shell-shocked, as practically everything you said is the opposite for me. Well, apart from the "loved Thebes and her randomness", 'cause I did love her, and she was, by far, my favourite character. I do understand Hattie's attitudes towards the kids, and her "yanking them off school" and all. Obviously whatever was going on wasn't working. Besides, she was panicking; her sister was asking for her permission to kill herself, she was suddenly faced with this enormous responsibility of caring for two very troubled kids... It was overwhelming to her.
  9. Okay, here we go... Sorry for those who expected this already this morning. I need my beauty sleep (and last night also the blue pill that makes me see pink elephants, but that's a whole different story)... IT IS ASSUMED YOU HAVE READ THIS BOOK BEFORE READING THIS THREAD, THEREFORE SPOILER TAGS MAY NOT HAVE BEEN USED IN ORDER TO FASCILITATE EASIER AND MORE OPEN DISCUSSION The blurb from the back of the book: Hattie, living in Paris, has just been dumped by her boyfriend when she receives a phone call from her eleven-years-old niece. Hattie's sister Min is having a particularly dark episode and Thebes asks Hattie to come and look after her and her brother Logan. By the time Hattie arrives back in Canada, Min is on her way to the psychiatric ward. Suddenly responsible for two children, she realises that she is out of her depth and hatches a plan to find their long-lost father. With only the most tenuous lead, she piles Logan and Thebes into the family van and heads south. At once hilarious and heart-rending, The Flying Troutmans tells the story of a fractured family on the verge of spinning off its axles and a road trip that just might keep them together. Let's start with some simple questions and see where we end up in: 1) How did you find the style Toews used? 2) How did you find Hatty? Was she a credible, authentic character? Anything in particular struck out to you? How was she in the beginning? And in the end? 3) How did the beginning (Hatty returning to her sisters family, everything there) make you feel? What thoughts did it bring up? 4) Anything else you'd like to bring up? I thought we'd start of more general, and with a small focus on the beginning of the book. Do note, however, that it IS assumed that everyone has read the book already, so spoiler tags aren't needed and you are free to discuss later points as well. For example, saying "in the beginning I felt Hatty to be this-and-that, but by the time something-something happened, I felt something-else" is perfectly okay. Let's focus on the kids, whom I adored, in the next questions...
  10. You have mail :) I don't blame you about not wanting to publish it.

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    There's the "email this person" or whatever it was link on my profile, at the "contact info". That's the way to reach me for starters. I don't like writing it out, this way I have some control over who gets it. I'm pretty paranoid about random people knowing it, or more to the point, people knowing it without me knowing they know. Weird, I know. *laughs*

  12. Well it's a shame. I couldn't find your email in your profile by the way. Did you mean fpr people to email you through your profile? I.e. by PM? Or am I just being blind? :)

  13. Thank you, Andrea.

    I'm sorry to leave too. In the end I didn't feel I had any real option, though.

    Maybe now things will be less, shall I say volatile around here. *dry smile*

    I'll miss your comments, that's for sure!


  14. Sorry to hear you're leaving. The place will have less sparkle without you!