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  1. Historical Fiction

    Historical fiction was never a genre I was particularly interested in (apart from Jane Austen, whose books I do like), and then I discovered Tracy Chevalier and Sarah Waters. I have only read one Sarah Waters book, and two Tracy Chevalier books, but I loved them both and have more by them on my pile waiting to be read. I got Innocent Traitor, by Alison Weir a few weeks ago, which looks good, and also a number of Posie Graeme-Evans' books. I think it depends on the way that such books are written. I used to worry that it would feel like like reading a history textbook!
  2. Had to respond to this thread! I read The No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency last month (after it had been sitting on my tbr pile for far longer than I care to remember), and absolutely LOVED it!! It was quirky and very charming. Being the book addict that I am, I now have three of the 44 Scotland Street books (I think there actually are only 3 of them) and about the next four in the Ladies Detective Agency series. I only wish that I hadn't waited so long to read the first one.
  3. Hi

    I was right, this is a friendly place:) My favourite books are probably, To Kill A Mockingbird, American Psycho (bit of a difference there)! and The Girl In Times Square. I read the last one, by Paullina Simons (who is also one of my favourite authors) last year, and just loved it. Right now, I'm reading Big Stone Gap - my first Adriana Trigiani book - and so far I love it. Enough to have bought the next three books in the series in fact:blush: