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      Important Announcement!   07/28/2018

      Dear BCF members,   This forum has been running now for many years, and over that time we have seen many changes. Generalised forums are nowhere near as popular as they once were, and they have been very much taken over by blogs, vlogs and social media discussions. Running a forum well takes money, and a lot of care and attention, as there is so much which goes on behind the scenes to keep things running smoothly.   With all of this in mind, and after discussion within the current moderator team, the decision has been made to close this forum in its current format. I know that this will disappoint a lot of our long term members, but I want to reassure you that it's not a decision which has been taken lightly.    The remaining moderator team have agreed that we do not want to lose everything which is special about our home, and so we are starting a brand new facebook group, so that people can stay in touch, and discussions can continue. We can use it for free and should be easier for us to run (it won't need to be updated or hosted). We know not everyone has FaceBook, but we hope that those of you who are interested will join the group. We will share the link, and send invites as soon as we are ready to go. Added: We may as well get this going, find us here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/195289821332924/   The forum will close to new registrations, but will remain open for some time, to allow people to collect up any information, reading lists etc they need to, and to ensure they have contact details for those they wish to stay in touch with.    The whole team feel sad to say goodbye, but we also feel that it's perhaps time and that it feels like the right choice. We hope we can stay in touch with all of you through our new FaceBook group.   I personally want to thank everyone who has helped me moderate the forum, both in the past and the present, and I also want to thank every single person who has visited, and shared their love of books.. I'm so proud of everything we've achieved, and the home we built.   Please visit the new section in the Lounge section to discuss this further, ask questions etc.


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  1. Share your memories

    I've met so many friends here! You, Michelle, Kell, Nollaig, Abby, Kat, Chrissy, Kylie, and so many more! I remember drama with certain members, fun contests, banning spammers, the Jane Austen group read...but most of all, I remember the amazing support of the BCF members.
  2. General questions / discussions

    I can't say enough about the tremendous job you have done over the years, Michelle. I was honored to be part of the Mod team, and I have met some lifelong friends here on the forum. I'm sad to see it go, but I'm excited to be part of the future of BCF. The community that has been created here will last for years to come!
  3. I finished Song of Solomon on the bus this morning. It was so magical! That book is going to stay with me for a long time. I have no idea what to read next.
  4. Given that so many of us are dealing with heatwaves at the moment (90F coming this Sunday...oh, joy), I thought we might share some of our favorite hot weather food and drink recipes. Something that helps you beat the heat, so to speak. Me, I love a sweet iced tea or lemonade, cold grapes from the fridge, a peanut butter and honey sandwich with a cold glass of milk, or I just wallow in the heat and eat tacos, enchiladas, or quesadillas. Love me some Mexican food! What are your hot weather favorites?
  5. Hello peeps

    Welcome to the forum!
  6. Here I am!

    Welcome, Loretta! Glad to have you here!
  7. Book Titles A to Z

    The Tommyknockers - Stephen King
  8. The Things They Carried - Tim O'Brien
  9. What's the weather like?

    We had a bit of a reprieve from the heat the past 2 or 3 days, with temps in the mid-70s, but starting today, we're back up into the high 80s and 90s.
  10. I read Fried Green Tomatoes at the Whistle Stop Cafe by Fannie Flagg over the weekend, and I absolutely loved it! I've always loved the movie, but the book went so much deeper into Idgie's and Ruth's relationship, into the way race relations changed in the South over time, and I felt like the characters were better developed. I just started Song of Solomon by Toni Morrison last night, and I'm really enjoying it so far.
  11. Red River Valley - folk song of unknown origin
  12. What's the weather like?

    It's been hot. The last 2 days were 90F, and today is 85. We got our portable air conditioner installed in our bedroom, so we're much more comfortable at night, at least. But the heat makes my joints ache for some reason. (maybe I'm just getting old)