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  1. Songs You Like

    My favourite song at the moment is "Bring Him Home" from Les Miserables and sung by Alfie Boe. I also like John Rutter music which we sing in the choir I go too. People may remember he composed one of the pieces sung by the choir at the wedding of Prince William and Katherine.
  2. The last film you saw - 2013

    The last film I saw was Les Miserables - fantastic film, I cried nearly all the way through and the songs were in my head for weeks afterwards
  3. What's Up in March?

    How did you manage to get free glasses? I only get my eyes tested free, but have to buy my glasses.
  4. What Was The Last Music You Bought?

    Alfie Boe CD "Bring Him Home" from Les Miserables
  5. The last film you saw - 2013

    I don't know if this counts in this section, but did anyone watch Dancing on the Edge on BBC2 which concluded last week. It was about the rise of jazz music in the 30s but also had themes of racial prejudice running through it and its consequences. I found it rivetting and really enjoyed the music and themes running through the acting.
  6. Revisiting

    Thanks everyone for your welcome. One of the reasons for my return is I lead a book group and thought this site would be a good way of finding books suitable for my group.
  7. Revisiting

    Thanks for your help Chesil, I remember your name .
  8. Joanne Harris

    I have read Blackberry Wine, Five Quarters of an Orange and Lollipop Shoes. I haven't read Chocolat but saw the film so was able to follow Lollipop Shoes ok. I think my favourite is Five Quarters of an Orange.
  9. Greatest love story ever written?

    I agree about P&P and I also watch the DVD regularly and reread the book frequently. I would also nominate "Gone With the Wind" for the power and passion of the lovestory and the history of the American Civil War.
  10. Revisiting

    Hello all long time since I visited this site and how it has changed. To be honest I am a bit lost. I had to change my password with your help but I need to change it to something I will remember can you help? Hope there are some people here who remember me, it will be good to get back to discussing books again.
  11. Just in case you pass by....Happy New Year Ann

  12. Belated happy birthday. I hope you had a good day. :)

  13. Happy birthday, sounds like you've had a lovely day :)

  14. Thanks you so much everyone. Yes I had a lovely day, lots of cards and presents and taken to lunch at a posh hotel by my everloving other half.