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  1. You're welcome booknutt I absolutely positively love this book and I glad other people are enjoying it as well
  2. What are you watching now? - 2013

    I've been watching Downton Abbey on a variety of. Streaming sources-Netflix, PBS and Hulu. I am so in love with Mr Bates!!
  3. Hi everyone! I'm working on three right now-Outlander by Diana Gabaldon , Twelve by Justin Cronin and AWedding in Great Neck. I'm kind of struggling with all of them as I can't seem to focus. I'm moving soon so I think I'm distracted
  4. Your Book Activity Jan 2013

    I reading and loving The Fault In Our Stars by John Green and still workin on The Passage and Most Talkative
  5. Your Book Activity Jan 2013

    I started The. fault in our stare by John green and most talkative by Andy Cohen and still working on the passage
  6. Your Book Activity Jan 2013

    Still working on Tiny Sunbirds and The Passage. I started an ER book All this talk of love by Christopher Castellani
  7. Your Book Activity Jan 2013

    I'm starting The Ugly Truth another volume in the Wimpy Kid series
  8. Worst ever film from a book?

    Endless Love-hated the book hated the song and really hated the movie
  9. Your Book Activity Jan 2013

    I started Shoeless Joe by W. P . Kinsella last night
  10. Fifty Shades of Grey, E.L. James

    For me it just got to be too much and I just don't mean the sex scenes. How many times can you say holy crap in a chapter. These aren't very well written but they did have an impact on the reading world
  11. Which eReader do you use?

    I have a kindle app on my iPad , an iTunes app kobo and free books appa as well all on my kindle
  12. The Last Film You Saw ~ Part 2

    I saw Parental Guidance at the movies last week and just watched Enchanted A pril on my iPad
  13. What's for Dinner?

    Meeting one of my brothers for a burger dinner in manhattan