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  1. Hope you're okay and come back soon. :)

  2. Where are you Angerball? Hope to see you soon :friends0:

  3. Hey angerball, long time no see! I hope you find your way back soon :friends0:

  4. angerball, where are you?

  5. Nicnic's reading list

    I attempted this one last year, and just couldn't stick with it. From the blurb on the back I thought it would be an excellent thriller, but it just seemed to go off on these odd tangents, too much for my liking.
  6. Madbumblebee Introduction

    Hiya, madbumblebee (love the name)! to the forum!
  7. Hello

    Hiya, mandalaybookshop! to the forum!
  8. Hi from New York

    Hiya, Aaron! to the forum!
  9. Hello Everyone

    Hiya, Leanne! to the forum, and congratulations on your upcoming wedding!
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  11. hiya all :) im new here

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  14. Where Are Your Books Kept?

    We recently bought a chest coffee table, which I filled with books. Then the other day, I looked under the table for something, and the bottom of it has broken and is bulging outwards. So, I've had to move a whole lot of them out and into a plastic storage tub which is sitting in our (tiny) lounge room.
  15. I've found a few errors, but none that I can specifically remember off-hand. I do find them irritating, as I'm sure books are proof-read by more than one person. If I pick them up on the first read, then surely someone who does that for a living must be able to.