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  1. Question about Green metropolis

    Thanks PDR
  2. Question about Green metropolis

    Hi I am thinking of joining green metropolis to sell and buy books. Does anyone know what the average delivery costs come out as? Also has anybody used this site and has any feedback, positive or negative? I am thinking of putting a lot of my old books online and just want to make sure I am doing the right thing.. Such a sad time getting rid of my babies .
  3. Brief Synopsis: Renowned anthropologist Dr. Bill Brockton has spent his career surrounded by death at the body farm. Now he is being called upon to help solve a puzzle in a remote mountain community. The mummified corpse of a younge woman dead for 30 years has been discovered in a cave. This is the last book I have read recently.. and I wasn't disappointed. I think the main reason I enjoyed this book was because it was written by a writing team of Dr Bill Bass and Jon Jefferson, Dr Bill Bass being a world-renowned forensic anthropologist and and the man who founded the Anthropology Research facility (tennessee) also known as the body farm. For more information on the body farm and what it is see this website www.jeffersonbass.com If you like crime books then this won't disappoint, the detail and knowledge that Dr Bass brings into this book shows throughout. The charactors are strong - all in all I feel that its worth a read.
  4. Do you keep your books?

    Thanks Kell, will look into that site when wanting to get new books or get rid of some of mine
  5. Do you keep your books?

    Sorry to sound dumb, but what's this Green Met?
  6. Where do you get your books?

    I tend to purchase from Play.com (free delivery) no matter how much you're buying. Although I have used Amazon.
  7. Do you keep your books?

    Most of the books I read I keep as I tend to collect books from my favourite authors, and will read them again in the future, plus I have become a bit of a library for my friends who borrow regularly.. Of course they have to promise to look after them and not fold the pages!