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  1. Loved this book having a history of depression I really enjoyed it
  2. Hemingway

    Not read his books but I been to his favourite bars in Cuba!
  3. I am back!

    My fav reading partners
  4. I am back!

    I haven't been on for a while but I have been loitering in a non creepy way! Got back into reading and it is really helping my insomnia! Trying to read more physical books then kindle books so my daughter who is 6 knows I am reading and not just playing on my kindle! Besides I get to read all the ace kids books with her! It's good to have some escapism as I have started a new job which is full on and I look after my dad with Alzheimer's too
  5. James Patterson

    I like them when I am in the mood for an easy read without some adventure, or a bit of a thriller
  6. Charlie Parker Series

    Loved them, and also the author has a lurcher. Louie approves!
  7. 50 Shades of Grey

    So I do I! I find people who are being the most vitriolic are those who have not yet read but deem themselves too intelligent to read it or better than the book.
  8. Me Before You by JoJo Moyes

    Got this from the library and read it in one night I could not stop reading it, even though I had packing for my hols and a cardigan to finish knitting! I loved it and I cried and laughed like others did too, I really want to read more of her books.
  9. Back again

    Just finished 50 shades trilogy and Jojo Moyes - Me before you and of course Barry the fish with fingers and the hairy scary monster!
  10. Back again

    I used to be a member here but I have not been on for a couple of years actually nearer 3 I know as I now have a beautiful daughter aged 2 1/2! Which is the reason I stopped reading as much I found it really hard to concentrate to read when I was pregnant and I am only now getting back into it. But my daughter loves books and reading and I am wanting to read more than "Barry the fish with fingers" I am really pleased my username was still valid!
  11. Kitty_kitty 09 Reading

  12. Kitty_kitty 09 Reading

    January 1. Casino Royale - Ian Fleming - 9 1001 / Modern Classic 2. Me and Mr Darcy - Alexandra Potter - 7 3. The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde - 8 Classic 4. Look who it is - Alan Carr - 10 5. PS I Love you - Cecelia Ahern - 7 Chunky
  13. Cecelia Ahern Books

    Watch the sky+ version of films alot of pausing drooling and fast forwarding the naff parts!!
  14. The Bronte sisters

    I love Jane Eyre and i am going to reading Wuthering Heights soon. I grew up around Haworth. My dad hates the book due to the fact that he has had to rescue a couple of people dressed up in cloaks having a 'Cathy' moment from the Moors!!!!
  15. Cecelia Ahern Books

    I loved the movie not because of the plot or the acting beacuse of Gerard Butler (300), Soike from Buffy and Denny from Greys anatomy alot of eyecandy!!! I have ordered PS I Love You from the library i am a blood and gore person who hated chick lit but i read Marian Keyes so i am reading a bit more fluff inamongst the blood gore and classics!!