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  1. Popped back for a nosy! Still lost my reading mojo though :(

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    2. frankie


      Hi Nici, long time no see! I hope you get your mojo back soon xo

    3. Athena


      I hope you get your mojo back soon :).

    4. Janet


      Hi Nici - lovely to see you on here. :) x

  2. Drowning in uni work and missing the BCF X

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    2. SueK


      Now remember Nici, BCF is far more important than Uni work!

    3. Nici


      Miss you too Chrissy xx Hello Roland, I'm fine thanks :) on my way to becoming a social worker! Robbie's great - turned 16 this month eek! Hope you're ok. Sue - yes far more important lol :D

    4. ~Andrea~


      There you are! I thought we'd mislaid you. Hope uni is going well

  3. Happy Birthday Nici! xo

  4. Happy birthday, Nici - I hope your day is made of awesome! :D


  5. Tea

    Pretty much all I drink is tea, I am a total teapot. Has to be decaffinated though otherwise I will be awake all night..
  6. In the past month I have read three books WOOP! Baby X by Harry Keeble Room by Emma Donoghue Heroin Diaries by Nikki Sixx All very very good, About to start Crack House by Harry Keeble.
  7. What are you watching now?

    Dancing on Ice - waiting for Vanilla Ice then it will be Top Gear.
  8. Hello Janet, thank you for the hug - I needed that! Yep super busy, lots of assignments, placement and voluntary work going on! But it's all good! xx

  9. Hi Nici - just passing by to give you a BIG HUG - I don't seem to have 'seen' you much recently. I hope you're okay. I guess you're really busy at uni. xxx

  10. No, I didn't see it. My Tweetdeck has been a bit hit or miss lately. Glad you liked it :)

  11. You are very welcome! Did you get my thank you tweet for your card and the beautiful butterfly? xxx

  12. Thank you, Robbie, Fifi, Flip and Flop for the lovely card :)

  13. You are very welcome :) and thank you to you and O's as well! x

  14. Thank you (and Robbie) for the card :D

  15. has had a super great week :D

    1. Chrissy


      Glad to hear it, I hope this week is even better for you my lovely! X

    2. Maureen
    3. Nici


      Hi Maureen, how are you? x