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      I'm very excited to finally share with you that BCF now has patreon! I'm sure some of you are familiar with patreon already, but for those who aren't here's what it means for the forum:   You will now be able to support the forum monthly. The amount you'd like to give is entirely up to you but, the more you give, the more rewards you get. The rewards (this is the most exciting part!) include entry to a monthly competition when you donate $2 or more. I really cannot wait to show you the first competition prize!   I really do need your support to keep this forum running and I hope that with patreon I can give something back to those who do support too. I am also aware that there's a possibility this might not work. For that reason, I'll be running it on a 6 month trial and I would really appreciate your feedback in that time.   Members who are current supporters will get automatic entry into the competitions until their current years membership runs out (although obviously you can still join the patreon before your current membership runs out if you want to!)   If you have any questions just send me a message, or come to the 'Changes' section of the forum.   If you'd like to get started on patreon, you can find the Book Club Forum here... https://www.patreon.com/bookclubforum       


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  1. Which classic best to read first? :)

    Ooh, I very recently bought The Haunted Bookshop! It came in a two-book volume with Parnassus on Wheels (I believe both stories are linked). I became interested in these stories years and years ago (can't remember how!), but they only seemed to be available with ugly covers. Recently a new edition was released, so I finally bought it! Haven't read it yet though. I'm pretty sure both stories are freely and legally available online, such as from Project Gutenberg. I'm pretty sure The Woman in White by Wilkie Collins would fall into this category. I haven't read it yet (another one I've been meaning to get to for ages!) I loved loved loved Dracula. And from the original list, I've read all except House of Mirth and Anna Karenina.
  2. @Raven, I always enjoy the cricket, obviously more so when we are winning (and we will soon be on top again!)
  3. Nah, I like the original idea of me being last.
  4. Raven's Reads

    Aw, happy anniversary Raven. Happy reading and all the best for the future. xo
  5. Saving content

    When you say you don't want to keep this going for ages, do you mean the forum itself?
  6. Saving content

    @Michelle, I've been playing with my software and I'm starting to get the hang of it a little, although it saves an awful lot of rubbish, which I then have to go through and delete. Still, it's better than nothing! It took me a little while, but I've managed to get all of my own reading logs done, so saving the author interviews for you will be a piece of cake. I'm going to try and do a download of the whole site; I'm pretty sure my computer has the space for it! Then I'll look into setting up a Dropbox or similar for you and others to access. I probably won't be able to store everything there at once, but if people contact me and request certain things (like @Janet's reading logs), I can put them in there and that person can copy them out. How does that sound?
  7. US classics

    Absolutely agree with these (well, except the last two, which I haven't yet read).
  8. Share your memories

    😂 Sounds like something from a Jasper Fforde book! I must have been away the day that happened. Will you be joining us on FB, Raven? I would guess that you're not a fan of FB, but you could just make a new account for us especially? I remember the Jane Austen book circle too. I haven't re-read Austen since then, even though I loved every one of the books! My favourite memory would have to be something that took place outside of BCF: meeting @frankie in real life and having her spend a couple of months with me. I would never have met my bestie and had that opportunity if it weren't this forum, and I'll be forever grateful to @Michelle for making this happen. In general, I just have loads of good memories of book chat and supportive friends, especially in the depression thread when I was going through a really bad time in my life. And the excitement of reading everyone's new threads at the beginning of each year. And then there's the class clown, @Raven. I never knew why we let him in or let him stick around. But he's been good value, I suppose.
  9. Saving content

    So far I have one possible idea for saving threads. There's some free software for Macs called SiteSucker. You simply paste the website address in, and it downloads and saves the webpages to your computer. You can go to extremes and save the entire website this way (I accidentally started doing that, and stopped when it got to several GBs), or you can play with the settings and download, say, one thread (but I think it only downloads that one particular page of the thread unless you tell it to download everything linked to on that page). I'm trying to get my head around it and find the best way to efficiently download what I want. Anyway, it's a possible option for Mac users.
  10. Perhaps you could find it on this list?
  11. Read-a-thon 2018

    Ooh, maybe I'll be able to join in for once because I don't currently have work or plans for the weekend. I recently started rereading Arthur C Clarke's Collected Stories (950+ pages of small print), so maybe I could knock off a few stories. I'm entering every single story in the Contents tab of the Book Collector software as I go. I'm adding a synopsis for each story and a few words for a review, plus a rating and when I read it. This way I'll be able to look back in future and be reminded of what the stories are about and how much I liked them. I also have loads of books on the go because I keep starting books and not finishing them, so maybe I could make some progress in a few books.
  12. What Are You Watching Now? - 2018

    I'm sure she'll be great in it! Is anyone else watching The Handmaid's Tale? It's utterly brilliant!
  13. Goodreads

    I don't keep my wishlist books on Goodreads—only books I actually own. My shelves are so out of date though. I'm sure there are books on there that I long since got rid of, and many hundreds more that I've never added. 😕
  14. What Are You Watching Now? - 2018

    I'm looking forward to watching this! I haven't yet read the book, but I've seen the original movie several times. My dad loved that movie—particularly the pipe music.
  15. What Are You Watching Now? - 2018

    Yay! I've been binge-watching The Big Bang Theory from the beginning. I'm up to season 7.