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  1. Black Mirror

    I can't wait!
  2. Raven's Reads

    If it happened more than 100 years ago, it doesn't count. Everyone knows that.
  3. Raven's Reads

    At least we never fell for 77!
  4. Raven's Reads

    Harsh. But yes, I enjoy watching it even when we lose!
  5. What Are You Watching Now? - 2019

    Excellent! I'm a huge Black Mirror fan. I watched Bandersnatch as soon as it came out. I've gone back and started rewatching the last season because I've only seen those episodes once so far. I've also been watching One Tree Hill, a teen show I missed back in the day and always meant to check out. Up to seaosn 8.
  6. Raven's Reads

    Well done! 27 is such a huge, wonderful number of books to read in one year!! (Didn't lay it on too thick, did I?) But seriously, well done. Happy reading in 2019.
  7. 🤭 Oops, of course you've read the same total! I didn't mean that the total is disappointing for other people, but it was less than I usually read, so it was disappointing for me.
  8. Wow, looks like everyone is having a stellar reading year! I've read 37 and I'm hoping to push it to 40, which is much better than my disappointing total of 27 of last year. I had set myself a relatively low goal of 26, which I raced past a few months ago.
  9. Saki (Hector Hugh Munro)

    Thanks @poppy! It's largely based on The Code of the Woosters (with the cow creamer and all that) but it's also a play within a play. So Bertie breaks the fourth wall a lot and relates the story to the audience.
  10. Saki (Hector Hugh Munro)

    I just read back over this thread and found this post of mine from over two years ago. Guess what?! I'll be directing a Wodehouse play at my local community theatre group next year! It was possible after all. I'm so excited.
  11. Frankie reads 2018

    Oh wow! I've just been to check out your new and improved wishlists. They're so tiny! I've been inspired by you to do some culling of my wishlist on the Book Depository, where I keep my main wishlist. Well, I've started the cull, but still have some way to go.
  12. Wow, I haven't updated my log since June! I'm in the middle of a big book purge at the moment because I'm moving soon and have to put my books in storage. I've removed over 100 books that I no longer want to read, have read but don't want to keep, or that are extra editions. I took some to a local secondhand bookstore and received $50 store credit, and I'm taking the rest to Canberra tomorrow to donate to their next book fair. My mum is coming with me, and she has loads of books too. Now comes the task of removing the books from all the places I have them catalogued. I have quite a bit of work to do on my lists before the new year!
  13. Willoyd's Reading 2018

    I just bought this book on your recommendation, Willoyd. It looks like it aligns with my own reading interests a little more. I can't wait to start browsing through it! Looks like I'll have to set up another spreadsheet to start ticking things off.
  14. Alain de Botton

    Oddly enough, I finished reading this only a month ago! I loved it. Very informative and thought-provoking. I especially love that I learnt loads about history and literature, along with philosophy! Status anxiety a fascinating topic for me. I'm fairly unambitious and have never really felt the need to keep up with the Joneses or look/act like everyone else, so a lot of what he said didn't really relate to me, but I see it all around me, so I found it fascinating nonetheless! I rated it 5/5 on Goodreads. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did. Looking back to my comment from February 2017, nothing has changed...Religion for Atheists and The News: A User's Manual are still the two that I most want to read next! They were just pushed aside in favour of Status Anxiety.
  15. @frankie, I finished reading Exquisite Corpse recently. I think you bought this one while in Australia and left it behind for me to read, right? Thank you so much for that. Not! It was horrid! *shudder* I had to skim the nastiest passages. I have to say, it hasn't made me too interested in reading American Psycho.