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  1. Carlos Ruiz Zaf

    ^^^What she said.
  2. Signed Copies

    My book wasn't just signed, though - there was a personal message from the author, so ner-ner-ner-ner-ner!
  3. Signed Copies

    Lottery by Patricia Wood. Just the one, but it's quality. Shortlisted for the Orange prize this year.
  4. Teen Books

    Oh, I know that. I was a kid once, although I keep that information quiet. I was merely pointing out that the OP seems to be a hit-and-run poster.
  5. prospero's books - 2008

    If you're a size six, those Manolos are mine.
  6. prospero's books - 2008

    I want to be just like you when I grow up.
  7. prospero's books - 2008

    I have a feeling I may move on to biographies next. I have a few on Mount TBR, both modern and historical. I wonder how other people feel about genre-binges. Do you read across the board, or are you like me, reading 10, 20 or more books of the same type before moving on to another genre?
  8. prospero's books - 2008

    74 Harmonic Wealth - James Arthur Ray This isn't a book that put new ideas into my head; rather, it confirmed/validated the ones I already do have. It touched on quantum physics at one point, which fascinated me; it's one of my pet subjects and I've always thought the far reaches of quantum physics bordered on the philosophy/religion. Well, we'll say 'spiritual' rather than 'religious' here because it's a personal development book. Apparently the author doesn't like the phrase 'self help' because it suggests something in you is broken. I especially like the way Ray says all goals are spiritual, after hearing for years that you have to be poor to worship your god. Very difficult to explain, this one. You'd have to read it to see it's more than a personal development book and his sense of humour is evident on each page. And ~V~ - the author? He's the guy I hinted at. 75 The Greatness Guide - Robin Sharma Not the best self-help book I've ever read. He's a bit of a name-dropper and I'm tired of hearing how great he thinks U2 are, and how wonderful Bono is. Personally I think he's a bit of a c*ck. Some interesting ideas here but they're presented in a holier-than-thou tone in places, as if the author's showing off how enlightened he is. Of course, he denies being a guru but it reads like false modesty. 76 The Power of Your Subconscious Mind - Dr Joseph Murphy I didn't realise at first that this book is about prayer. I thought it was about - well, the subconscious mind, rather than the effect of prayer on same. Definitely not one for unbelievers. The author's religion jumps off every page at you, and he constantly quotes the Bible rather than giving medical evidence for what he says. Now, this isn't something I mind, because when you're talking about something non-physical, you can't present physical evidence, but I know this is a point that would bug the hell out of many readers. Because I already believe in God, it doesn't bother me. In fact I like it; it's a refreshing change in a world where it's not cool to be Christian any more - and yes, the first edition of this book was published in the 1960s. It's shelved in the self-help section but I think it would more appropriately be categorised as mind/body/spirit.
  9. You need to check out Club Penguin.....! Google it and you will find it.

  10. Reading for a wedding...

    You know I'm gonna have to check my Ladybird Book of Sonnets now... ETA: You're evil.
  11. What's for Dinner Tonight?

    Pate de foie gras et pomme frites.
  12. Zombie book recommendations

    Hmm. You might recommend Shaun Hutson books to him, then. Very gory. Extremely bloody and violent, very bloke-ish books. Unmarked Graves might suit him, also Renegades is kind of in the same vein as I recall. But I'd start him off with Unmarked Graves.
  13. I agree. She's one of the most passive heroines I've ever read. She waits for things to happen rather than doing anything herself.
  14. What are Everyone's Favourite Films?

    Gone with the Wind Gladiator The Passion of the Christ The Lion in Winter Gandhi I don't know if I've already answered in this thread, but that's my undoubted top 5 (in no particular order).
  15. I Know This Much is True by Wally Lamb. I was in floods of tears for the last few pages and knew it had to end the way it did, but still...damn. I love that book. But Gone with the Wind is the only book I've ever finished then immediately started again. Honestly. Read the last line and flipped the book back to page one and started all over again.