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  1. Hello I would think you'd be better asking on a scientific forum for book recommendations of that nature.
  2. Frankie reads 2018

    Ooh whoops! My bad! I totally misunderstood. It sounds great anyway!
  3. I started to watch the The City and the City on BBC2, and it's very good. However I missed 80% of episode one so I was a little confused and still haven't finished watching it. I'd be intrigued to read the book.
  4. What are you listening to?

    I can't stop listening to Born To Die (album) by Lana Del Ray at the moment. I only just bought it even though it's a bit old now. Such a great album.
  5. Frankie reads 2018

    I love the sound of The Widow! I've added it to my wish list. Very promising if you still rated it highly as a re-read!
  6. Andrea's reading in 2018

    Well I'm smashing my weekly target so far. I'm on page 318 now and I read 150 pages last week. I'm really enjoying it. I think maybe I needed a bit of momentum to get me going. Reading 5 pages here and there is no way to get into a book. The hot weather and a bit of insomnia has probably helped too.
  7. Schultz's Reading Log 2018

    I really enjoyed the Handmaid's Tale. I'm going to add The Great Gatsby to my wish list based on your review.
  8. Great reviews Madeleine. I especially like the sound of How to Stop Time (a few months back!).
  9. Pets - 2018

    Aw sorry to hear about the chickens! But happy that one survived at least. I have a new cat!! I acquired, Molly, back in March. The lady who gave me my other cat, Bella, last year gave her to me. Molly is older than Bella, at least 12 I think. She is a lot slower than Bella, especially in play. But she's a cute little thing, really sweet-natured, and a beautiful long-haired tortoiseshell. This weather is too hot for me and my cats. I can't sleep at night at all, it must be awful for them with all that fur!!
  10. Andrea's reading in 2018

    Thanks Frankie! Yes going to bed earlier seems an impossible goal. However my little deadline seems to be working well, and I've taken to reading downstairs occasionally. I read in the garden last night (it was lovely - it's really hot here at the moment, almost unbearably so - but it's lovely at dusk). Anyway, I'm well on track with my 100 pages a week goal so, so far so good!!
  11. Oh Snowdonia is beautiful. I rarely get up that way living in the South, but I love it when I do. I'm glad you enjoyed it.
  12. Andrea's reading in 2018

    I'm glad I'm not the only one Bronwyn! I have so many books to read though, and so many I want to read that I really need a push! Audiobooks definitely count. I used to listen to a lot in the car, and found it a great way to up my 'reading' - or rather my book consumption!
  13. Andrea's reading in 2018

    So I read 10 pages last night! Hardly a good start. Unless I am really hooked by a book then I usually only manage 10-15 pages before I go to sleep. I generally only read in bed (very occasionally on the bus) and I don't read every day, in fact I often don't read at all at bedtime because I'm too tired. This is why I hardly get through any books! I'm determined to read more though, which I think means not just reading at bedtime. Or going to bed earlier - the latter of which I've failed at for years. So I need to read in the evenings I think, and more on weekends. I used to read every Saturday morning while I was coming to. Maybe I should try doing that again!
  14. Where in Wales did you go?? Plenty of beautiful hiking country here!
  15. Andrea's reading in 2018

    My reading has stalled again, however I've picked up Shaman's Crossing by Robin Hobb. I'm going to give myself a deadline. It's about 650 pages long and I've read about 50 so I'll attempt to complete it in 6 weeks, which will take me to 7th August. That's only 100 pages a week. Even I should be able to do that!!